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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Morning

Hello All,
I guess it isn't morning, as it is 11: stomach is rumbling. 11: 25 in the morning though. So...
Has anyone gone to the website I shared last blog post?
Isn't the game State of Debate just fantastic? It is so great! I love the regulators and the mate's accents! I totally wish I had an accent like theirs...
Okay, there is this other site I would like to share with you...
There we go. For a long time I couldn't copy and paste it on here...
There are so many names! I use some of the Italian names and Greek names in my story...I am trying to think up a new name for my evil king...his name is Secritas. How many people think that needs to be changed? First his name was Griligax, which is a stupid name. Secritas I like better. Okay, it is not pronounced SECRET-AHS but SEH-CRIH-TAS. Yup.
Some name possibilities are: Thoth, Odin, Vanubus, Salanus, Haemon, Muirius, Marduk, Bethold, or Drikon.
I'm gonna make a poll on the subject...I really am confused and not sure which to pick...or if I should leave the evil king's name the same...
Okay, vote on the poll!
Yeah, yeah...
I am so excited! 'Cause I'm going to the Science Musuem of Minnesota with my best friend! *Scream* I am so excited.
Enough with the evil cackling it really doesn't fit my character...Actually, the more I reflect on it, it does. I am a bloodthirsty authoress, I have a muse and a conscious (and am thinking about accepting a sub-conscious and an imagination into my long as they don't chatter as much as Adonia and Renata...).
I am listening to Air 1 over my computer.
I don't know the name to the song....
Want me to describe my desk where my laptop is sitting right now?
I take that as a yes.
Oh, I just realized the song. It's There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp.
So, I have a wooden desk with metal legs and two wooden shelves supported by metal brackets.
I have a white high-power lamp with Piggy tied to it. Piggy is this bouncy pig and he is so cute! David Copperfield by Charles Dickens sits on my desk, along with a dictionary, assorted DVDs, many pens and a few random pencils, a white board and a marker, the phone (I just finished talking with Hannah), lotion, a bookmark inscribed with the message "The Lord bless thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee." Numbers 6: 24, 25, a small clipboard with pieces of paper blaring my schedule clipped onto it, a green headband that I shoot at my siblings, cords for my computer, Brisingr by Christopher Paolini, a tea bag (eiu...), a blue calculator with red, yellow and white buttons, a pink watch, a shark tooth, three bobby pins, a set of headphones, a colorful drawstring bag from Brighton, a flower erasor, and my computer. A lot...yeah, it's cluttered. On my shelves are a ton of notebooks filled with writing stuff, soooo many schoolbooks...a writing book...a microphone, a three hole puncher, another Piggy except its purple, a microphone, more notebooks, and bags.
Sorry, guys, but I have to go...I'll blog more about my trip to the Science Musuem later!!!!!! (Sorry about the extra exclamation points, but I AM SO EXCITED!)
Love to y'all,

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sharing My Random and Varied Muses

Watch your thoughts;
they become words.
Watch your words;
they become actions.
Watch your actions;
they become habits.
Watch your habits;
they become your character.
Watch your character;
it becomes your destiny.

Sorry, just had to share that with you.
There are a few other things I would like to share with you.
One, is a website. I know, I know, after such a thought-rendering thought I just shared with you, I'm sharing a website?
Here it is:
Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you'll see a game titled State of Debate.
That game kept me occupied for a long time, taking up time that I knew could be spent chipping away at the complex plot of my story. And I spent it on this game! That is how intoxicating it is. It is extremely fun! And my mom counts it as schoolwork. I mean, come on. How much funner can school get?
Okay, the game is about how you are trying to worm your way out of this extremely spoofy world.
Like this government has all these extremely wacko laws, like you can't wear hoodies because they appear dodgy, and you can't wear baggy pants, and you can't hold hands with a person of the opposite gender in public, and you have to have licenses to wear hoodies, hold hands, wear baggy pants, go on picnics, go into restaurants that serve things other then vegetarian food.
It is so fun! And you are caught wearing baggy pants, wearing hoodies and you have to worm your way out of accusation and, eventually, jail.
I was going to share some other things...but I can't now, because I need to go eat dinner.
Oh, I am reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. The only thing that slightly disheartens me is that he draws inspiration from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Which is demonic.
That discourages me...but oh well.
Paolini's writing is great, whatever his religon. Of course I hope he is a Christian, but it's not like I am going to stop reading his awesome Inheritance Cycle because of it.
Love to y'all and God's peace,

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hello everybody,

Hm...what to write?

I'm listening to Air 1 online, it's cool. I love Air 1.

Please follow my blog!

I really don't know what to write, so I think I'm gonna end this post.

God bless you all,


Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

Dear me, I hate this font.

There, there, this is much better. Who agrees? *millions of people raising their hands*

*satisfied smirk* Good.

Vernon Smith has been bugging me recently, but mostly Adonia Eudoxia has. She's my conscious. Yes, to those who have previously known my conscious to be Vrilaka Sleen, she has changed her name. She demanded passionately to me the freedom to choose her own name, and she has chosen it. *pout* Though I rather liked the name Vrilaka Sleen. Ah, well....

Adonia has been sending me emails and keeping me up at night with her constant chatter. *glare at Adonia*

Oh, and my Muse has finally chosen a name. *sigh* After hundreds of days reflecting on the possible choices, she has finally chosen this one; Renata Vanna.

*RV* Isn't my name just fantastic? It took me many, many hours to choose Renata Vanna as my title. Actually, Bekah, it's Lady Renata Vanna. *mutter* Of course, leave it up to Bekah to forget the most important part of my name. All those days spent contemplating over senseless names like Polly and Maxson, when I could have stumbled upon Renata Vanna earlier! I-

*AE* Give me the keyboard, oh, thanks. *smile* Didn't expect Vanna to give it up this eas-

*RV* Hey, Eudoxia! How dare you call me by my surname? That's pathetic. My proper name is Lady Renata Vanna, not Vanna, you dumbo.

*AE* Well, sorry, gosh. Talk about pathetic. Fine, Lady Renata Vanna. Whatever. It doesn't matter anyway. Everyone knows a conscious is more important then a muse.

*RV* The nerve of that conscious! Whoever thought, for one second, that muses were less important then consciouses? Where do you readers think all of Bekah's imagination comes from? Why, moi of course! I am-

*RS* Finally. No, you just, ergh, gerroff, Eudoxia! alklkfk ugh. There. I shoved them down where they belong. In me, not beside me. Gosh.

Is anybody else having these troubles? It's terrible.

Oh my gosh! This HUGE wasp just flew right into my HAIR! *huge shudder* It was so scary, and I batted it out, but then it buzzed off and it's somewhere in this room! *tear* I'm so scared!

I just got invited to a sleepover, but I can't go because I have this prep test thing that gives all this obvious advice for this test that I'm taking...and it's the next morning from the sleepover...*hurt tear* I am so bummed.

I really wanted to go...

The thing that bugs me is (Get it? BUGGED me? And there was a bug right in my hair? HAHAHAHA-not so funny.) that the prep test thing is OPTIONAL, so I could go to the sleepover...but my mom said a definite "No."'s decided.

No sleepover.

Oh well. :(

I have to get off the computer and upstairs; worrying about this bug popping up and flying down my shirt is really bugging me (HAHAHAHA-not funny.).
REALLY REALLY REALLY bugging me; bugging me so much that my skin is crawling.

But before I leave, I want to thank Ryan for saying such a nice thing about my story. Thank you so much, Ry, it made my day to hear good things 'bout my writing. story is now...*goes to check the manuscript* 177 pages long.

Good bye,
Love to y'all,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Touching Poem

Hello y'all,
I want to read you guys this really touching poem. It was written by a young girl (maybe about eight-twelve) who was in a Nazi Concentration Camp, called Camp Mittelshine. Her identification number was 55082. Her name was Riva Manska.
She was a Jew, and was seperated from her parents when the Nazi took her. Her parents were sent to a death camp a long distance away, and she knew that she would never see them again...she never did.
This is the poem she wrote while she was a resident in Camp Mittelshine:


All alone, I stare at the window,
Feeling my soul in me cry.
Hearing the painful screams of my heart,
Calling, silently: why?
Why are your dreams scattered, destroyed?
Why are you put in this cage?
Why is the world silently watching,
Why can't they hear your rage?
Why is the barbed wire holding me prisoner,
Blocking to freedom my way?
Why do I still keep waiting and dreaming...
I see above me the snow covered mountains,
Majestic, proud and high.
If like a free bird I could reach their peaks,
Maybe from there the world will hear me cry...

That just makes me so sad, to think of such a young girl...alone, seperated from her loved ones, beaten by her cruel guards...eventually killed.
How could anyone be so heartless?
On a different note, a funnier one, this afternoon my cousins came over, David and Matthew.
Luckily, I shut my computer down, and when you try and boot it back up, you need to type in a password, and nobody knows the password except me, my mom and my dad.
And Joshua comes up and politely asks me, "What's your password?"
And I'm like, "I'm not telling."
He waits a few minutes more, hoping that I will relent, but I don't. So he sighs, and goes back downstairs. Then David comes up and asks me, "I have to do this survey for my school. The first question is: What's your favorite word?" So I answer, and he asks, "What's your favorite food?" So I answer, and then he asks, looking up at the ceiling, "If you had a password...what would-" Here I interrupt him and say, "You're kidding right?" And returned to my book (Daniel, the Champion of the Word, by Roald Dahl...a good book, read it.). Then he groans and says, "You're a hard person to hack, did you know that?"
Lol :D
I'm going to go write...actually, edit.
Love to y'all,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No title...

Hello everybody,

No title.

How wonderful.

For once, I do not feel the pressure to live up to my title.

And to all you people reading this stupid post...go jump in a lake.

Yup. I know. I'm being nonsensical, 'cause most of the lakes are frozen up.

So...what you do is quite simple. Crack a hole in the ice, make it bigger, clear the whole lake so you don't have any danger of being drowned (this is optional *evil grin*), then jump in!

Aren't I brilliant?

If anyone has NOT read Harry Potter, read them. You might say, "Oh, I don't have interest in them." But I promise, they are worth it. True, the characters swear occasionally...and there has been one crude remark that I have noticed...but overall, they are surprisingly clean. And, personally, a lone crude remark and swear words don't bother me. Of course, I would never insert real swear words into my writing (that would ruin it), and I try to keep out crude remarks. If my character itchs to be positively evil (which my evil king usually does) I give them a slap on the face...and try to resist from writing the clever remark.

Also...I'm having a bit of trouble with of my characters. Originally, he was supposed to marry Arwei in the end (a happy-ever-after kind of ending.)...but then Arjun Blivfal marched in and positively stole the stage. Now, I realize that everything fits. Crael can betray LaslanzĂ­ to Secritas, and kill Arjun. But...I desperately want to kill Arjun...the kind of urge that I have with every single character that comes into my writing...but Arjun has to kill Secritas...and maybe Arjun kills Secritas, then dies killing Crael. So both die. *evil cackle* Wonderful, bloody ending. But books in which the lover dies nobly, I want to hurl across the room (which I usually end up doing). And I, personally, don't want my readers to hurl my book across the room. So I guess I'm going to have to refrain from killing Arjun.

*sigh* Oh, how I do want to kill Arjun.

*brighten* But I do get to kill Driela, the former Queen! She is captured by Secritas, tortured unmercifully (that was sooooo fun to write!), then sent to her cell (stuffed with lice and rats...that was fun to write too!), because Secritas invented this potion called the Truth Potion (I know...original name.) that will make you spill your secrets, so she will have to tell him the counter-spells to break the Deep Laemle (Deep Magic) surrounding LaslanzĂ­. So she strangles herself in the cell. Isn't that wonderful? It took me most of one night to smooth it over (I lay awake in my bed). I'm SO excited for when I get to describe her strangling herself. It'll be good, won't it?

*sigh* Can you tell I'm a blood-thirsty author?


Well...I'm going to go write more of Arwei.

So see you peeps later, k?

Love to you all,


Monday, February 2, 2009

Vernon Smith, a Dream, and Facts about Evolution and All Its Faults.


This is Vernon Smith writing. Ms. Shaffer is under recovery...she will probably be able to write a brief post here soon. Medical personnel are surrounding her curtained bed...I just heard a pained shriek. *wince* Please post comments...I just checked to see if there were any new comments...*sigh* unfortunately there was not...Rachel just posted one...but then removed it...I'm curious...

Business is going great. We have new orders for dogs pouring in from all countries. I'm so glad. I am earning millions of dollars, and am shocked how much publicity we got just posting on this blog...

Ms. Shaffer is demanding to get on...


Vernon Smith
Head of Mourning the Deceased, Incorporated.
Fax number: 18463200

Yck, get rid of this horrible font. How can that man choose Courier as his font? *shudder*

Well, anyway, hello! I just washed my hands, along with loads of sanitizer, from all those terrible medical people. They were so concerned about me, you'd think that I was the president, or something. All I am is a world-wide famous authoress. *ahem* not quite...but...anyway...

Do you want me to describe Vernon Smith to you? You might be curious by now.

Okay, here we go.

Vernon Smith is a tall, rather beefy man with a small, handle-bar, brown mustache. His hair is rather greasy, but you can hardly tell, as he pastes it down in a horrific style with tons of gel. He wears starched blue collar shirts all the time, and black pants that never have a single minuscule crease in them. His eyes are a deep brown, as his hair is. His nose is huge and bulky, but you can hardly get past the mustache, luckily. His skin is a light tan, and he is cleanly shaven; excepting the mustache, of course. His hands are great and big and dreadfully hairy, his nails clipped down to merely a breath of their natural state. Over all...I recommend not getting on the wrong side of Vernon Smith.

So that's Vernon Smith for you. I hope he's...everything you imagined. *wince*

Okay, I had this dream a long time ago...I dreamed I was Frodo (Don't laugh yet, it gets better still) and there was this huge, seemingly-endless staircase. Millions of peeps were on floating benches, watching me and Sam climb the treacherous stair case (Me bearing the Ring of Power, of course), littered with numerous orcs that we had to kill. Yeah. And then the orcs caught us and then tied us up and strung us over a boiling pot of lava. Then, with the crowd cheering, they dropped us to our fateful death...

I know isn't it weird? Yeah. Very weird. I am laboriously editing my story...reading each paragraph over and over until I am satisfied with its perfection...It's ninety four pages long...not double-spaced...I'm hoping its not slow or anything, because I'm not even half-way through the plot! *wide eyed gape*

I have a prayer request for y'all...Just this morning, my mom told me that my Aunt Julie and Uncle John were having troubles in their marriage. I am devastated. Aunt Julie is the most fun aunt ever, and Uncle John seemed so happy, and he's so nice! Please pray. Thanks a lot.

I am reading this book called The Evolution Handbook, by Vance Ferrell. It contains 992 pages chock full of the faults in evolution. Wow, I never knew there was so many. I am writing down interesting, vital parts in a green notebook, so that I can read through the notebook, and go through all the main points of the book. For example, did you know that Darwin actually did not come up with the idea of evolution? His good friend, Alfred Russel Wallace, conceived the idea of evolution, which Darwin pirated and published under his name. Get this: Before Darwin published The Origin of the Species, he was rich; filthy rich, and he was a lazy good-for-nothing (If you could say that of a person). In contrast, Wallace was fraught with poverty. All the royalties went to Darwin (who needed anything but more money), instead of Wallace, who needed nothing more, excepting God, of course. Another interesting fact about Darwin is that he never was a scientist, and he married a first cousin, and because of that, all of his seven children had either physical or mental disorders. Isn't that sad? And, in his book, The Origin of the Species, (I actually would like to read it...Did you know that modern evolutionists are ashamed of the book and the way Darwin stated his ideas?) Darwin would cite authorities that he did not mention! He repeatedly said it was "Only an absract" and "a fuller edition" would come out later. But, although he wrote other books, try as he might, he never could find the proof to support his many theories. No one since has found it either. And Darwin would suggest a possibility, and later refer to it as a fact: "As we have already proved previously..." He relied heavily on stories instead of good old facts, because his theory just didn't fit together with the evidence. He would use specious and devious arguments, and spent much time suggesting possible explanations why the proof he needed were not available. (This makes me sad. :( Very sad) Let me give you some more background information on Charles Darwin. Let me find it in my notebook...Okay, this is in the author's words: It is of interest that, after engaging in spiritism, certain men in history have been seized with a deep hatred of God, and have then been guided to devise evil teachings, like Sigmund Frued and Adolf Hitler. It is not commonly known that Charles Darwin, while a naturalist aboard the Beagle, was initiated into witchcraft in South America by natives. During horseback into the interior, he took part in their ceremonies and, as a result, something happened to him. Upon his return to England, although his health was strangely weakened, he spent the rest of his life working on theories to destroy faith in the Creator. Isn't that just terrible? And Darwin himself frequently commented in private letters that he recognized that there was no evidence in support of his theory, and that it would most likely destroy the morality of the human race; for what good is it to be righteous, when you are just the result of two "nothings" coming together, and you evolved from a single cell...a random accident, pure circumstance? No point. No reason. How depressing. And listen to this: An evolutionist named Sir Francis Galton declared that the "science" of "eugenics" was the key to humanity's problems: Put the weak, infirm, and aged to sleep. Adolf Hitler, an ardent evolutionist, used it successfully in World War II. Another supporter of this was named Friedrich Nietzche. He was a remarkable example of a man who fully adopted Darwinist principles. He wrote books declaring that the way to evolve was to make wars and kill the weaker race, in order to produce a "super-race". Darwin believed this, and wrote it too. Hitler had these books imported to Germany, read them, valued them highly, admired the authors, and took the teachings into practice...when he killed more than six million Jews. He was only doing what Darwin taught. But still...what kind of person would do that, regardless of the teacher? The student is responsible for the actions, not the teacher. So, even though Darwin taught it, Hitler is still in the wrong...the very wrong. Okay, this is a main point, so hold tight. An evolutionist named Jean-Baptist Lamarck published a book in which he declared that the giraffe got its long neck by stretching it up to reach higher branches, and birds that lived in water grew webbed feet. Well, according to that, if you pull hard on your feet, you will gradually increase their length; and if you decide in your mind to do so, you can grow hair on your bald head, and your offspring will never be bald. Is this science? That was in the author's words. Most of what I'm saying in this paragraph is the author's words, with a little twist. Please, I beg of you, get the book from the library, buy it, whatever. READ IT! After reading 35 pages into it, I am wondering how anyone can believe in evolution, when everything in nature points to a Creator! For example, if you look at an expensive, high-tech watch, you know that it was created by a brilliant watch maker! It is absolute poppy-cock to suppose that it made itself. Any scientist will tell you, "Bah, baloney! That watch can't possibly have made itself." Well, scientist, the human brain is MUCH MORE COMPLEX than a watch, no matter what the quality. Anyone can tell you that. So how come you believe that the brain made itself? That's not exactly what evolution is, but pretty much, 'cause all everything that you see today, they say came from nothing. Which is pretty much the same as saying that a watch made itself, or a brain. That's more fanciful than saying there's a God up there that made everything, loves everyone, and is watching us right now, 'cause creationists actually got evidence for their statements...that's more than any evolutionist can say. Please read this book. It changed and is changing my views of evolution from..."ah...I know its nonsense...but I can't prove it..." to "nuh-uh, its completely false and here's why..." and I can rattle off some facts. Well not yet but I'm reading the introduction, and I haven't gotten into the part where Ferrell states the problems with evolution, but my brother has read parts, and he says that he has rock-solid evidence against evolution. all you FICHE peeps reading this post...Can't wait to see you this Friday, at the swimming party! Or if you're not going...I'll see ya next Thursday!

Love to you,

p.s. Here is Vernon Smith...another boring message from him...

I am now a billionaire! Wonderful, huh?
If you haven't visited the website: then visit it immediately!

Vernon Smith
Head of Mourning the Deceased, Incorporated.
Fax number: 18463200

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