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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Touching Poem

Hello y'all,
I want to read you guys this really touching poem. It was written by a young girl (maybe about eight-twelve) who was in a Nazi Concentration Camp, called Camp Mittelshine. Her identification number was 55082. Her name was Riva Manska.
She was a Jew, and was seperated from her parents when the Nazi took her. Her parents were sent to a death camp a long distance away, and she knew that she would never see them again...she never did.
This is the poem she wrote while she was a resident in Camp Mittelshine:


All alone, I stare at the window,
Feeling my soul in me cry.
Hearing the painful screams of my heart,
Calling, silently: why?
Why are your dreams scattered, destroyed?
Why are you put in this cage?
Why is the world silently watching,
Why can't they hear your rage?
Why is the barbed wire holding me prisoner,
Blocking to freedom my way?
Why do I still keep waiting and dreaming...
I see above me the snow covered mountains,
Majestic, proud and high.
If like a free bird I could reach their peaks,
Maybe from there the world will hear me cry...

That just makes me so sad, to think of such a young girl...alone, seperated from her loved ones, beaten by her cruel guards...eventually killed.
How could anyone be so heartless?
On a different note, a funnier one, this afternoon my cousins came over, David and Matthew.
Luckily, I shut my computer down, and when you try and boot it back up, you need to type in a password, and nobody knows the password except me, my mom and my dad.
And Joshua comes up and politely asks me, "What's your password?"
And I'm like, "I'm not telling."
He waits a few minutes more, hoping that I will relent, but I don't. So he sighs, and goes back downstairs. Then David comes up and asks me, "I have to do this survey for my school. The first question is: What's your favorite word?" So I answer, and he asks, "What's your favorite food?" So I answer, and then he asks, looking up at the ceiling, "If you had a password...what would-" Here I interrupt him and say, "You're kidding right?" And returned to my book (Daniel, the Champion of the Word, by Roald Dahl...a good book, read it.). Then he groans and says, "You're a hard person to hack, did you know that?"
Lol :D
I'm going to go write...actually, edit.
Love to y'all,

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