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Sunday, July 31, 2011

it's a smile, a kiss, a sip of wine, it's summertime ♥


That short, sweet, unforgettable breath of the good life that comes every year but continues to retain its magic.

Late nights. Laughter. Chatter. Food. Beaches. Shopping. Running. Sunburn.

Only surrounding myself with the ones who I love.

Dear summertime, please don't leave too soon.

Don't fly by so fast, dear summertime.

Life's short, but summer's shorter.

Savor it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

An Agglomeration of Nothing Particular


Today, we went to visit a guy that makes electric violins, because I'm looking into buying one/getting one for my birthday (note: decided not to buy one this year). I am obsessed with the one he let me borrow for a week. But I don't know how to play any really cool pieces on it. Like Canon Rock. I'm just not good enough to be able to play it. And I'm so frustrated...I literally sppent 4 hours today fiddling with it. I can't get it.

I haven't run in two days. I haven't really written anything for about an infiniti longer than that. I haven't prayed, I haven't read my Bible, I haven't read a good book, I haven't done anything that makes me sit down and really think. In longer than I can remember.

What have I done? I've hung out with friends, I've texted, I've sat around on Facebook, I've laid in the sun for hours on end, I've obsessively exercised, I've binged, I've painted my nails, I've taken naps.

Are any of those things mind-stimulating? Are any of those things worth the time that I've spent on them?

I have to say no...and once again find myself disappointed in myself.

I'm never able to commit myself to anything of substance. I've never put in the effort to overcome the writer's block that's been smothering me for almost a year. It's so much easier to click a button and go on Facebook instead of sitting, staring at a blank word document, grasping at words that always seem to elude me. How have I gotten so lazy? Too lazy to spend time and effort in any area: writing, reading, learning, developing, growing, playing violin, spending time with the family, praying, reflecting. These things require too much, and I start them and then quit when I'm forced to start using my brain.

Laziness.  A sin that I never realized I could be guilty of.

I've been told I'm extremely smart by almost every person I've met throughout the school year. It hurts to admit this, but it seems as if I subconsciously resented the mental gap between me and others my age, and started dumbing myself down in order to be more like everyone else. I care way too much about what other people think of me. A sin that I have no idea how to confront. A trait that I have no idea how to change.

Everything in my life that's wrong right now is because of me. I am blessed by an amazing family and friends. The only area of flaw in my life is myself.

Too cocky. Too arrogant. Too self-absorbed. Too prideful. Too lazy. Too concerned.

I need a serious outlook readjustment...everything needs to be changed. Tomorrow I will spend time with my family, with my Bible, with my violin, with my diary, with God. Tomorrow I will spend time without my cell phone, without my make up, without my ipod, without my computer, without my Facebook.

I have to start somewhere otherwise I'll get nowhere. And that thought frightens me.



Tomorrow's my birthday. In like three hours I'm going to be 14...such a weird thought. We're at this cabin that we rented for a week. I sorta wish we were at home...there's nothing to do in this small dingy town. There's not a movie theatre, or even a mall, and only two tiny grocery stores! Tonight's Sunday night. We got here Saturday, about 11-ish. We unpacked, got situated, and then went on a 2 hour hike in the intense heat, got DQ ice-cream (<3), sat at the beach a little, went to the deserted grocery store, ate dinner, watched Chariots of Fire (lovelovelove), then went to bed. This morning, we sat around and read books and did nothing, then we went into "town" and fished (didn't get a single bite..), then I went for a run (felt soo good <3) came home, roasted hot dogs, ate DQ ice-cream AGAIN, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (hilarious), and now me, Peter and Abs are sitting here reading/writing. On the hike on Saturday, we got SOOO many ticks...I had 10, Abby had 13, and us as a family had well over 50. -__- I hate ticks.

I haven't texted since the 19th...almost 10 days. Freaking amazing.

Me, Abby & Grandma Sally went shopping at the MoA last Thursday for my birthday. I got an ADORABLE pair of jeans at Wet Seal (they make my butt look half-way decent <3), expensive Steve Madden sandals, a lace Charlotte Russe top with a bright yellow lace cami & bright blue cami that could go under it, with blue earrings to go with the blue cami. I also got round floral diamond-studded earrings and rhinestone black-feather earrings at Wet Seal.

Tomorrow's my birthday...doesn't even feel real. I'm so ready to be done with 13 and embark into 14. <3



I'm fourteen!! Wow...time goes fast. Dear God, help me not to waste a single second.



Today, on the boat (yes, we rented the boath again), Mom finished Keith Green's biography (No Compromise) written by his wife Melody Green, and I was bored and it looked interesting so I picked it up. I was hooked after the first chapter. It is a 500+ page book, and I finished it in 3 hours. I'm listening to his music right now. I'm sorta obsessed with him.

Anyway, the book really struck me. Keith and Melody dabbled in drugs and occult cults before finding God, and their lives were instantly transformed. Keith went from smoking grass to pouring himself out in front of sprawling crowds and bringing thousands to Christ in a single alter-call. His life suddenly had purpose and joy, and in the short 8 years  he had before he died, God used him to minister to countless people searching for truth. He was a warrior, a prophet, a genius, and completely, utterly, 150% dedicated to God. He was so open to God's convinctions, so humble, so ready, always, to accept God's discipline and so willing to change, so eager to cast off every sin and vice, so committed to serving, so unselfish of every belonging (material and non-material) he called his own. He was an incredible person and I wish I could have been alive when he was. He's so inspiring to me. When God entered his life, he was utterly transformed.

*then I went on a long, personal rant about how I need to change. it was like 8 pages long. hahah.



Hi. This pen is awful. We're home(: . I'm so tired. I like don't have a coherent thought. Jenna's getting a pool. I'm gonna like live at her house once she gets it. We're going to Chicago in two weeks. We're staying at the (family friend)'s house. I want to take a picture in the shiny bean thing. I'm listening to les Miserables music. I'm reading Bonhoeffer right now, but I'm gonna read Les Miserables net. I am in love with the music and story (literally<3), I should read the book. I haven't run in a long time...Hannah's in Australia. So jealous.

Me and Mom went shopping today. I got a short white floral skirt that I'm in love with and a white floral & rhinestone tank top from Maurices, and then a neon pink tank top and a light blue tank top from American Eagle. Dad and me and the sibs went to Mr. Popper's Penguins, BEST MOVIE EVER <3 .

Obsessed with Les Miserables.


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