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Saturday, February 7, 2009

No title...

Hello everybody,

No title.

How wonderful.

For once, I do not feel the pressure to live up to my title.

And to all you people reading this stupid post...go jump in a lake.

Yup. I know. I'm being nonsensical, 'cause most of the lakes are frozen up.

So...what you do is quite simple. Crack a hole in the ice, make it bigger, clear the whole lake so you don't have any danger of being drowned (this is optional *evil grin*), then jump in!

Aren't I brilliant?

If anyone has NOT read Harry Potter, read them. You might say, "Oh, I don't have interest in them." But I promise, they are worth it. True, the characters swear occasionally...and there has been one crude remark that I have noticed...but overall, they are surprisingly clean. And, personally, a lone crude remark and swear words don't bother me. Of course, I would never insert real swear words into my writing (that would ruin it), and I try to keep out crude remarks. If my character itchs to be positively evil (which my evil king usually does) I give them a slap on the face...and try to resist from writing the clever remark.

Also...I'm having a bit of trouble with of my characters. Originally, he was supposed to marry Arwei in the end (a happy-ever-after kind of ending.)...but then Arjun Blivfal marched in and positively stole the stage. Now, I realize that everything fits. Crael can betray LaslanzĂ­ to Secritas, and kill Arjun. But...I desperately want to kill Arjun...the kind of urge that I have with every single character that comes into my writing...but Arjun has to kill Secritas...and maybe Arjun kills Secritas, then dies killing Crael. So both die. *evil cackle* Wonderful, bloody ending. But books in which the lover dies nobly, I want to hurl across the room (which I usually end up doing). And I, personally, don't want my readers to hurl my book across the room. So I guess I'm going to have to refrain from killing Arjun.

*sigh* Oh, how I do want to kill Arjun.

*brighten* But I do get to kill Driela, the former Queen! She is captured by Secritas, tortured unmercifully (that was sooooo fun to write!), then sent to her cell (stuffed with lice and rats...that was fun to write too!), because Secritas invented this potion called the Truth Potion (I know...original name.) that will make you spill your secrets, so she will have to tell him the counter-spells to break the Deep Laemle (Deep Magic) surrounding LaslanzĂ­. So she strangles herself in the cell. Isn't that wonderful? It took me most of one night to smooth it over (I lay awake in my bed). I'm SO excited for when I get to describe her strangling herself. It'll be good, won't it?

*sigh* Can you tell I'm a blood-thirsty author?


Well...I'm going to go write more of Arwei.

So see you peeps later, k?

Love to you all,


2 replies:

Jake M. said...

Bekah, You're SCARY!!!!!!!!!!! The queen strangles herself in a cell? That's... That's horrible!
Oh, and from looking at this post, you've got to have Arjun killed instead of Crael! I just know somehow that Crael is way better then ARJUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Aside from the queen strangling herself :-( (jk), from what I've read your story sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Bekah said...

I know I'm's an afflicition that I must bear...alone. Except for Hannah, she's scary too. Especially when she's in a rage...can't find her notebook or something of the sort *wince*
Crael is so not better than Arjun. Arjun actually captures Arwei's heart, and Crael betrays Laslanzi to Secritas! Its terrible!
I hate Crael. Well...not originally. Originally, I intended him to marry Arwei, but then Arjun waltzed in and stole her heart...It's really quite disturbing...Quite unplanned...unintentional...
Thank you! It is awesome. Extremely awesome. lol

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