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Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

Dear me, I hate this font.

There, there, this is much better. Who agrees? *millions of people raising their hands*

*satisfied smirk* Good.

Vernon Smith has been bugging me recently, but mostly Adonia Eudoxia has. She's my conscious. Yes, to those who have previously known my conscious to be Vrilaka Sleen, she has changed her name. She demanded passionately to me the freedom to choose her own name, and she has chosen it. *pout* Though I rather liked the name Vrilaka Sleen. Ah, well....

Adonia has been sending me emails and keeping me up at night with her constant chatter. *glare at Adonia*

Oh, and my Muse has finally chosen a name. *sigh* After hundreds of days reflecting on the possible choices, she has finally chosen this one; Renata Vanna.

*RV* Isn't my name just fantastic? It took me many, many hours to choose Renata Vanna as my title. Actually, Bekah, it's Lady Renata Vanna. *mutter* Of course, leave it up to Bekah to forget the most important part of my name. All those days spent contemplating over senseless names like Polly and Maxson, when I could have stumbled upon Renata Vanna earlier! I-

*AE* Give me the keyboard, oh, thanks. *smile* Didn't expect Vanna to give it up this eas-

*RV* Hey, Eudoxia! How dare you call me by my surname? That's pathetic. My proper name is Lady Renata Vanna, not Vanna, you dumbo.

*AE* Well, sorry, gosh. Talk about pathetic. Fine, Lady Renata Vanna. Whatever. It doesn't matter anyway. Everyone knows a conscious is more important then a muse.

*RV* The nerve of that conscious! Whoever thought, for one second, that muses were less important then consciouses? Where do you readers think all of Bekah's imagination comes from? Why, moi of course! I am-

*RS* Finally. No, you just, ergh, gerroff, Eudoxia! alklkfk ugh. There. I shoved them down where they belong. In me, not beside me. Gosh.

Is anybody else having these troubles? It's terrible.

Oh my gosh! This HUGE wasp just flew right into my HAIR! *huge shudder* It was so scary, and I batted it out, but then it buzzed off and it's somewhere in this room! *tear* I'm so scared!

I just got invited to a sleepover, but I can't go because I have this prep test thing that gives all this obvious advice for this test that I'm taking...and it's the next morning from the sleepover...*hurt tear* I am so bummed.

I really wanted to go...

The thing that bugs me is (Get it? BUGGED me? And there was a bug right in my hair? HAHAHAHA-not so funny.) that the prep test thing is OPTIONAL, so I could go to the sleepover...but my mom said a definite "No."'s decided.

No sleepover.

Oh well. :(

I have to get off the computer and upstairs; worrying about this bug popping up and flying down my shirt is really bugging me (HAHAHAHA-not funny.).
REALLY REALLY REALLY bugging me; bugging me so much that my skin is crawling.

But before I leave, I want to thank Ryan for saying such a nice thing about my story. Thank you so much, Ry, it made my day to hear good things 'bout my writing. story is now...*goes to check the manuscript* 177 pages long.

Good bye,
Love to y'all,

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J said...

Oh gosh, Bekah.
This really is screwed up!

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