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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Morning

Hello All,
I guess it isn't morning, as it is 11: stomach is rumbling. 11: 25 in the morning though. So...
Has anyone gone to the website I shared last blog post?
Isn't the game State of Debate just fantastic? It is so great! I love the regulators and the mate's accents! I totally wish I had an accent like theirs...
Okay, there is this other site I would like to share with you...
There we go. For a long time I couldn't copy and paste it on here...
There are so many names! I use some of the Italian names and Greek names in my story...I am trying to think up a new name for my evil king...his name is Secritas. How many people think that needs to be changed? First his name was Griligax, which is a stupid name. Secritas I like better. Okay, it is not pronounced SECRET-AHS but SEH-CRIH-TAS. Yup.
Some name possibilities are: Thoth, Odin, Vanubus, Salanus, Haemon, Muirius, Marduk, Bethold, or Drikon.
I'm gonna make a poll on the subject...I really am confused and not sure which to pick...or if I should leave the evil king's name the same...
Okay, vote on the poll!
Yeah, yeah...
I am so excited! 'Cause I'm going to the Science Musuem of Minnesota with my best friend! *Scream* I am so excited.
Enough with the evil cackling it really doesn't fit my character...Actually, the more I reflect on it, it does. I am a bloodthirsty authoress, I have a muse and a conscious (and am thinking about accepting a sub-conscious and an imagination into my long as they don't chatter as much as Adonia and Renata...).
I am listening to Air 1 over my computer.
I don't know the name to the song....
Want me to describe my desk where my laptop is sitting right now?
I take that as a yes.
Oh, I just realized the song. It's There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp.
So, I have a wooden desk with metal legs and two wooden shelves supported by metal brackets.
I have a white high-power lamp with Piggy tied to it. Piggy is this bouncy pig and he is so cute! David Copperfield by Charles Dickens sits on my desk, along with a dictionary, assorted DVDs, many pens and a few random pencils, a white board and a marker, the phone (I just finished talking with Hannah), lotion, a bookmark inscribed with the message "The Lord bless thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee." Numbers 6: 24, 25, a small clipboard with pieces of paper blaring my schedule clipped onto it, a green headband that I shoot at my siblings, cords for my computer, Brisingr by Christopher Paolini, a tea bag (eiu...), a blue calculator with red, yellow and white buttons, a pink watch, a shark tooth, three bobby pins, a set of headphones, a colorful drawstring bag from Brighton, a flower erasor, and my computer. A lot...yeah, it's cluttered. On my shelves are a ton of notebooks filled with writing stuff, soooo many schoolbooks...a writing book...a microphone, a three hole puncher, another Piggy except its purple, a microphone, more notebooks, and bags.
Sorry, guys, but I have to go...I'll blog more about my trip to the Science Musuem later!!!!!! (Sorry about the extra exclamation points, but I AM SO EXCITED!)
Love to y'all,

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