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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Waterbottle Revenge Team

Life. It's an odd thing, isn't it? You can feel happy and sad at the same time - loved and lonely, blissful and melancholy. You can love someone, but be angry at them at the same time. You can get so caught up in your emotions it feels like life is a fickle thing, full of ups and downs, good days and bad days. And if you think so, you're right, because life is like that. You can have a great day Monday, and a terrible day Tuesday. Or a beautiful day on Friday and then wake up Saturday feeling like screaming.

It gets so tiring to try and make sense of life, because it's a nonsensical thing. There are good things in it and there are bad things in it, and sometimes you get hit over the head with both at the same time. And it's exhausting to try and figure out which emotion you should listen to, which feeling you should act upon. I never knew my heart was so complicated. I never knew I could make life this complex this easily.

This morning, I relaxed. I took a break from all the complications of life and breathed in the fresh summer air, felt the sun beat down on my face...and smiled. My cousins are over, David and Matthew, and we played soccer in the backyard. Me, Ab, and David against Josh, Mat and Pete. I had this waterbottle that I had filled up because it was so dang hot, and everyone else was trying to steal drinks from it. So David, me and Ab entitled our soccer team the Watterbottle Revenge Team. We needed to whoop the Boogers (yeah...that's what they named their team. Seriously.) because they stole from my waterbottle.

Aaaand we lost miserably. But it was so much fun to laugh, to run, to sweat, and to have fun with each other. Because it was a blast.

The Waterbottle Revenge Team dominates.

And life is a blast. True, it's complicated, and complex, and sometimes I don't know what to feel like. But if I take a deep breath and look around, and appreciate everything that God has given me...what can I feel like but happy?

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Sarah said...

Great post!

Hey, I was wondering if you knew if my NewFashion Whisper package has been sent yet. I don't mean to be impatient, but I can't wait for the "goodies"!;) Plus, I don't want it to get lost in the mail or something.


Sarah said...

Pretty sure that I butchered the name...

Christina said...

I get what you mean. Living life and enjoying the wonderful moments as they come is just great.

I tend to get bogged down by the bad stuff, but sometimes I just have to put things in perspective. :)

Lizzy Bennet said...

Very personal post, Bekah. I liked it a lot. I have found the same thing in life. If you get yourself too involved in your own emotions and don't pull yourself out of your personal bubble (uh, your URL is bekahsbubblyblog... ha ha, I wasn't trying to make a joke!), then you can get very stressed out and emotional about your problems. But many times when you pull yourself out and reflect on your blessings, you find that you really aren't that bad off.

Great post - very encouraging!

Love in Christ,

Milli said...

Life's complicated, but it's awesome that way:D

Jessica said...

Great post!
I've been feeling stressed recently because it's almost the end of the school year... I need to remember the blessings in life... and that even though life has it's ups and downs, life doesn't "suck". It's a beautiful gift and that definitely outweighs everything else :)

Thank you
~ Jessica =)

Emma said...

I definitely know how you feel. That's how I felt when my best friend moved away. I would do something fun, and be having a good time, but then I remembered that she's gone and it would make me sad again. But I'm so blessed with other friends and my own family that I shouldn't be sad. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog :) You have no idea how much it means to me :)


Ivorydancer said...

I love the words "Word Crafter" and "Wordsmith"... prolly cause they explain a lot of me :)

lol It's so funny how much your post fits with a lot that's been going on in my life lately. I feel restless and peaceful all at the same time.

There are also a few people I know that I love a lot, I'm just not liking them very much right now.

God tells us to love our neighbors and our enemies... prolly cause they are generally the same people >_>

thanks for posting that!

I also wanted to let you know that my blog URL has changed to:

you will have to re-follow it in order for the updates to come to your dashboard.

Thank you and God bless!


Josh $ said...

That was an awesome game a futbol XD

Anonymous said...

Next time The Waterbottle Revenge Team will win!

Josh $ said...

I can give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that they will not win.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

This is a wonderful post.

Life really is one big paradox.

Maggie said...

Wonderful post! I am new to your blog and love it! I love your blog design, especially your header.

I am following your blog, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


Emma said...

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