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Sunday, May 1, 2011

so...up for a normal post ? (:

Hey guys....its been way too long since I've written a normal, happy, teenage-girl post. I've kinda just blogged when I'm feeling emotional, and I don't want my blog to be a vent.

So I'll just kinda share some pictures, some thoughts and we'll see how this goes. (:

I just took literally like a 30 minute bubble bath; I lovelovelove relaxing things like that. This morning at my church we had a flash mob dance sort of thing; during the offering song, the whole NextGen program (the mentoring youth group) had a dance planned out, and it was, needless to say, incredibly fun. If there's a video or anything I can put up here, I will.

Tomorrow's Monday.....yuck. It's so close to summer that it sucks to be sitting in school when it looks gorgeous outside - even though we haven't been having the greatest weather lately. (:

 ^^^^^ I get bored .

 And I like playing the violin.... (:


And also jeans (:

Hahah...I know this post sucked, but oh well. I tried. 

Oh, my dad ran a half-marathon this morning, and I made varsity track. (: Kay bye.


4 replies:

Jordyn said...

AND YOUR FRIEND HAD A BIRTHDAYYYY :) but maybe you forgot.... like you forgot the card ;) hahahahaha love you kidd

Kimberly said...

YAY for Random!!!!! :)

SavedthruLove said...

I love random posts~! We are all many parts of one body and every single part is needed girly. So whatever you write know that it is perfect as long as it doesn't blasphemy your SAVIOR :)... We are a hard people to please so just stick to pleasing the LORD and let everyone else fend for themselves... lol


i'm glad you made varsity track!! That is such a great feat girl.

Alexxus K. H. said...

I'm glad for a nice random post. Post more often, dear Bekah! :)

Haha - my verification word is "scenlegg"....

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