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Monday, September 6, 2010

be brave? ehhh.

Ever done something you dont want to do? No seriously...I'm not talking about doing the dishes when you want to hang with a friend. I'm talking about something a little bigger. Even having a sleepover with a friend you don't really like, and listening to her when you just want her to leave. That counts.

How about a new school? How about skipping a grade? How about starting a new highschool as a young freshman and enrolling in classes with juniors and seniors? Does that sound fun? Does that sound enjoyable? Hmm?

No? Yeah. It doesnt sound fun to me either.

Huge school. Tons of kids - over three hundred in the ninth grade. All of them know each other. I'm dead serious.

I dont have a ton to say right now. I overthink everything, therefore I'm extremely nervous.

Its so much easier to stay within your comfort zone then do something hard. But I feel like God wants me to do this. He has been giving me little signs, little pushes. Homeschooling has nothing for me anymore. It might be the right way for some people. But I'm tired of the shelter, I need the real world in order to be real. I'm not saying homeschooling isn't the real world. But it definitely isn't a realistic world. Its too good. are just sitting there reading this, maybe feeling a little sympathy. Maybe. But I'm sitting here writing this and feeling a lot of fear. So yeah. We'll see how this goes.

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[Laurea] said...

Bekah!!! You're back! Are you back? Yay! [:

Don't worry, I can say that public school does seem intimidating at first, especially High School. (I'm not in High School, but my school shares a building with all the high schoolers). I know God will give you the strength to do this, because you're a very strong person.


anna :) said...

don't worry Bekah. God's got your back. He helped me through my first day of high school and He'll get you through yours! :)

Elizabeth Rose said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again, Bekah! As for homeschooling being more sheltered, yes, it is too good at times. But sometimes that's better--sometimes we don't need to go out LOOKING for hard situations. But, on the other hand, it is good to do things that seem like something unpleasant, for the Lord will guide us in these situations, and help us grow closer to Him because of it.

Keep trying, Bekah, and remember that the Lord is always there to catch you if you fall. Love you!

In Christ,
Elizabeth Rose

Stephani said...

If you have entrusted your life into the palm of God's hand then your life is realistic wherever he chooses to place you. There are no coincidences in the life of the one who trusts Him. Remember that if you have given your life to Him then each and every person you come into contact with is either there to assist you or be assisted by you. You will need some of the friends you make and the people you come in contact with, but many of them will need you. Don't worry about fitting in. In his hands, you are right where you belong and you fit in to his plan perfectly. If it is His will for you to be in public school, then you are fitting in just fine whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable. Trust Him like a little child even though you are growing up. Trust Him, trust Him, trust Him!

lauren anne said...

you will do great. i was a bit nervous for freshman year too. but it is great. :)

[and i go to a really big high school. i am one of 800 freshman]

like i said before you will do great. just live for Jesus.

God Bless you,
Lauren Anne

Kristin said...

Okay, Bekah, so I know I'm totally "old" now, as I just turned 34, but I had to move to a whole new place when I was in 8th grade and I was terrified! I had lived in the same place my whole life and here I was moving to a whole new school/town right in the middle of 8th grade, which I felt was the worst year because at that point, everyone had their friends and I didn't think I'd ever fit in.

Here is what is so awesome about 9th grade. Yes, a lot of people already have friends, but you're all starting out in a new school and everything is new to everyone. Everyone is experiencing a new thing. It won't take you long to meet new friends. There are lots of fun things to be involved in and those kind of things make it easy to make new friends too.

I know it seems like it's going to be terrifying, but it won't be. God will help you through and if He is urging you to do this, He will be there every step of the way!!

Good luck! I know you can do it! By the way, one of my 1st friends I met in 8th grade is still my very best friend to this day, 21 years later!!!

Anna Gray said...

Oh my goodness, I know exactly how you feel. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girll.
Like i said before.
You just show all of those kids how amazing you are. Show them what chyeww got girl!
Smile sparkle shine! You show them you are confident even when you are terrified.God is bigger then any of those juniors and just go for it. God will help you through this. Even when the going gets tough and you dont know if you can go on. Just remeber God doesnt put you through things you cant get through. you will get through this with your family and your friends. you got this girl.
I lov eyou
-Smee (:

Anonymous said...

thinking of you Bekah- knowing the Lord ( and your parents) have a plan for you this year- who knows whose lives you might touch for His glory- who knows how you'll grow and be strengthened! We have been and will continue to pray with you for an easy transition and that God would provide kind, loving and understanding classmates for you to connect with quickly! Know you are dearly loved by our family! Have a great first day,,,and week till we see you! Lori

SavedthruLove said...

if God has allowed you to attend school outside of homeschooling then this is EXACTLY where you need to be. It is also where he wants you to be. Perhaps he is planning to use you as well to bring GLORY to his name and that would be an amazing opportunity that homeschooling would not have permitted right? Sorry I just wanted to say I'm glad to see someone so young devoted to seeking Christ and following him :)! it is really an encouragement. God uses all things for his good purpose so be at peace knowing his hand is on this situation and he has major plans for you with this given change :)! stay faithful and I am officially following you so please keep me up to date girl!!!


Anonymous said...

yay! Bekah!:) i know you can do it! you are so good at making friends and you are so amazing that everyone will love you! ;) it seems hard but it once you get used to it its not that hard.
i know when i first started at a "real" school it was scary, but after a while its just another thing you do in ur day. ur so amazing i know you can do it. i belive in you! :D you can do anything if you just do it, and put ur mind to it. yes it will be hard but thats lifes chalegeges. life throws stuff at you and you take it and throw it back. i love you so much!! !!!! :) and i KNOW you can do it. you will be ok.

BARBIE said...

I will be praying for you! I know how intimidating this must be for you. I know that God will get you through it.

Katie said...

My goodness Bekah! Public school is a HUGE step, especially when you've been homeschooled. I'm 13 too. I skipped a grade {I'm in 9th grade too} and although I'm still homeschooled, I hang with SO many public schooled kids and I know what you mean.

Although I don't really know you that well, I'll be praying for you! I love reading your blog! Great thoughts.


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