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Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mother


Everyone says that their mom is the best, but seriously. My mom is the best.

I'm having trouble even describing her - what do I say? She's funny? She's not funny. She's HILARIOUS. Everything she does just cracks me up. Like when she can't figure out how to change her profile picture on Facebook. Like that one time when she was walking up the stairs at church and another woman dropped her purse and my mom yelped. Like when she's running around the track and she's got this big smile on her face, like running is the funnest thing in the world. Like when she cracks up at her own jokes, now usually that's annoying in other people, but in her it makes you laugh so hard you cry. She's not funny, like a weird funny. She's a cool funny. ;-)

And she's beautiful. One of my brother's friend's dad commented to my brother that my mom was "pretty enough to be a super model." This married guy actually said that. My family teases Momma about that all the time. She has gotten comments from people, asking if she was a runner. And Momma is totally a runner. She can run a 5k with no sweat. She's hardly even breathing hard. No seriously. I'm not exaggerating.

Mom is so kindhearted and unselfish. She makes all the meals, and washes dishes with the same attitude she has when she runs. Like how can dirty dishes bring someone that much joy?

She's so godly, too. Her faith for God has inspired me so much to truly be the best person I can be. And she always comforts me, and lets me cry on her shoulder as long as I want. Whenever friends are being mean, or my faith weak and needing encouragement - she's always there. Defending me and making me feel so much better. A talk with my mom lifts so much weight off my shoulders. I go from being hurt and very angry to thankful and happy. I go from being devastated to free.

She is always there to laugh, to cry, to dance, to sing, to have water fights (remember that, Mom?), to be goofy, to make me happy when I feel sad, to read me verses, to pray over me, to kiss me goodnight, to give me advice, to bring me up in the Lord.

God has blessed me so much with my momma. I love you, Mom. :-) 

13 replies:

Eldarwen said...

Oh, how sweet, Bekah! :)
I couldn't even walk, much less run a 5k without breathing hard, and [almost] passing out! Wow!
And yes, your mom is beautiful!! =D Right before I read that, I was looking at her picture thinking, "Wow. She's pretty!" :)
No. *My* mom is the best. LOL jk :P

Love ya!

Anna Gray said...

How sweet! Your mom is so beautiful too. Hope she has a GREAT rest of Mother's Day (and if she sees this post it will make it even better!). =)

Näna said...

Sounds like one amazing Mom, Bekah! Have a great day hanging out with her!

Btw, I think everyone's Mom is the best. Like to you your Mom is the best and to me my Mom is the best. And I am starting to think that they all really are. God has given us a wonderful love and admiration for our mothers, and has given Mom's a beautiful love and compassion that makes them all truly the best Mom. Does that makes since? Sorry if it's a little confusing...


Cassie said...

What a lovely post, Bekah and a wonderful tribute your your amazing mother... I hope that she has a fabulous mother's day!

Your friend,

Lindsay said...

Awww... how sweet, Bekah! I hope your mom had a special Mother's Day. :)

~ Love,

Milli said...

Awww, what a lovely post! Happy Mother's Day!

carlotta said...

What a wonderful post, Bekah!

Emily Shae said...

She's so beautiful. And she looks so peaceful sitting there in the chair as if she were contemplating on what to do next. You did a great job at capturing her beauty!

I awarded you:

Eldarwen said...

I awarded you, Bekah!


Anonymous said...

Bekah, you **NEED** an email subscription box. :) Becauuuuuuuuuse, I'd subscribe.

Love ya girl,
Awel P.

Anonymous said...

Okay, tat was weird. It said that "the character you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again." and yet it publishe my comment. O_o

Weirdo Diero...

Awel P.

Amanda said...

Lovely post - I could not seriously run 5K though. Your mom must be one cool lady.

On a side note, I tagged you on my blog!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

your mom is indeed awesome. anyone who runs a 5k without sweat takes the cake!

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