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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Country Girl in Me - Miscellany Monday! Link Up!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase lettersI can't believe I haven't linked up with this before! It's looked like so much HA! Of course I had to do it! It's hosted by the beautiful Carissa over at lowercase letters (such an awesome blog name!)

{1} I have lately become obsessed with Frank Peretti. I haven't had a book to read in ages (though I did just organize my book shelf! Honest!), and it felt heavenly to be able to be absorbed in a book again - I mean, seriously absorbed. I have read Hangman's Curse (usually, I hate mysteries, but this one was SO good! and very spooky. If you know me, I am a complete sucker for spooky books) and am half-way through House (a collaboration between Ted Dekker and Peretti). I just requested about five more of his books from the library...I love Frank Peretti. Period.

{2} My family had friends over Saturday night, while I was babysitting the kids next door. The daddys and boys were playing soccer while the girls and mommas were watching, so I herded my two "charges" (HA! Do I sound like Nanny McPhee? How do you even spell her name, anyway?) over to play soccer. I wanted to play too. Ha! Well, I shouldn't have. I have several bruises all over my legs. They hurt. I discovered I stink at being goalie. I get so paranoid when the ball comes my way, and I always let it in. Oh and a little tip. Don't play soccer in bare feet. It's painful.

{3} While writing this post, I was also requesting more books. I have eight books lined up, both Dekker and Peretti. Can you tell that I seriously love them?

{4} I've been training for my 5k that I'm running in a few weeks - and yesterday I ran the whole 3.10 miles straight on a treadmill. I feel so accomplished. (I'm also pretty sore...what with soccer, nine holes of golf and a 5k in the span of forty eight hours. Oh, not to mention all the leg-weights I lifted. I'm really trying to build my leg muscle up. I actually have some! :-)

{5} I was playing violin a few days ago, and my bow completely snapped in the middle of my song. The wood wasn't what snapped - it was the string. So odd. I'm have a lesson today - so I'm going to see if my teacher can fix it (little or no chance of that happening), and worst case scenario, I use my teacher's bow. I tried using my younger sister's bow for practice today...not working. Her bow is at the most, half the size of mine and my bowing was all screwed up because I wasn't used to working with such a short stroke.

My poor broken bow.

{6} I always roll up my shorts. I'm not sure why, I just always do. I love rolling up my jeans too - that's the country girl in me, I guess. And for the record, I cannot wear a cowboy hat. My head is the wrong shape for that.
{7} I've been entranced by Jason Myraz lately. He had such a good voice. I love Gavin Rossdale too - and Coldplay, Taylor Swift (hey, don't laugh. Be thankful I don't listen to Miley Cyrus!), Sanctus Real, Leona Lewis, Britt Nicole, Kelly Clarkson, Skillet and Switchfoot. I love them all. :-)
{8} I have been downloading pictures to CDs recently because I'm running out of GB space on my laptop. I have literally like thirty CDs - freed up quite a bit of space. All of my hard drive is used up with pictures - I have little or no large programs that I have on it. It's all pictures. It's insane. It broke my heart to download them onto CDs and then actually delete them...ahhh. That was tough. ^_^

Go link up! I promise that it'll be tons of fun!

12 replies:

Izori said...

Congratulations on running over 3 miles. If I run one mile, I'm happy. Three, I would be thrilled. I'm a sprinter, not an endurance runner!

Sereina said...

Sounds like you need an external hard drive to store all your pictures on! You can get a decent sized one for under $100.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining in!!! i'm so happy to have you! your poor bow! i agree... peretti is awesome! i've read several of his books and enjoyed them ever so! congrats on the 3.10 miles! you are ready for that 5k! rock on girl!

Caroline said...

Wow, you must be really patient! I agree with Izori--I am a sprinter:). Oh, I LOVE Taylor Swift and Sanctus Real!!! Awesome musicXD.

Näna said...

Hey, Bekah.

Have fun training for the 5K. I have been trying to convince my Pa to stat jogging with me. Come on, 5:30 five miles sounds great, right? He says he needs to loose weight I love running...only problem he HATES running with a passion. *sigh*

Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

LOL! you're so funny Bekah!! Wow..that's weird (about your bow). I played the violin for a little bit too. I got pretty good, full-sized, excellent sounding violin and bow for like $75. But when I got it my bow was warped. :( So for like 2 years I was "playing" with a warped bow. Totally not fun because it messed up my strokes. Then Dad and Mom bought me a 100$ one. Then...I had to quit...there's no violin teacher in the area we moved too. that was okay, because I was starting to dislike it. And I'd rather have the piano. :)

Loves gurlie,

p.s. Guess WHAT?! I finished designing my "first" blog makeover. after she choose the elements, i get to *shouts* INSTALL! :) LOL! I'm totally excited...if ya couldn't tell!

Courtney said...

First of all, I can't believe you're only 12. Are you sure? I'm terribly impressed with you and have only had a mere glance.

I have not read Peretti but will definitely be looking him up. I'm intrigued. I like a good spook.

So glad I stopped by today. I've enjoyed your blog!

Memzie said...

I haven't read House yet, but I REALLY want too!

Oh my stars, it hurts SO bad playing soccer bare foot!!! I know from personal experience.

Congratulations on the 3.10 miles! Can't wait to hear more about the 5k.

I am SO sorry about the bow. It is SO hard when a musical instrument breaks. The top E string on guitars has a thing for me. I think it hates me because it breaks on every guitar I play on! It is SO frustrating! Just like the keys on my piano when they stop working. It sounds like an empty space in the musical weave. Ugh!
I hope your bow gets fixed very soon.

I LOVE SKILLET! Which one is your favorite song?

Jessica said...

Hi Bekah,
I've never done one of the Micellany Monday posts before either! Maybe next week :D
I'm sorry your violin bow broke. I know it's not the same, but my piano is completely out of tune. xD
I really look forward to your posts, and I enjoy your blog... so I've awarded you:

~ Jessica =)

carlotta said...

i'm not laughing about you liking taylor swift's music...i'll tell you a secret. i like her music too ;)

Abigail Kraft said...

Frank Peretti is pretty awesome! I loved Hangman's Curse, but I've never actually read any of his adult novels. The last Peretti book I read was Nightmare Academy, and I was probably about 12. I should pick up some of his new stuff! And Dekker is awesome....though I haven't read enough of his stuff either. :( Gosh! I need to read! lol.

Oh no! Broken bow! That's awful! I think I would die. I had a defective bow when I first started playing, so I had to get it replaced, but besides that I've never really had any problems. My new bow is considerably nicer than my old one though, so I haven't had ANY problems with it. I love it, actually!

I roll up my jeans too...but just so that I can see my high tops underneath. heehee. ^_-

Good for you for backing up your computer. It's always nice to have that security! Plus, the extra space. I have two 1TB hard drives right now--one in my computer, and one external, so I feel perfectly, beautifully secure. lol. :D

Have a great day!

Natalie said...

I loved reading House. Apparently they made a movie about it recently, but I haven't seen it... If it's true to the book, I'm guessing it'd be pretty scary.

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