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Friday, January 29, 2010

*shakes head*

Have you ever...gone to your grandparents' house, pulled out a movie that you have heard a lot of good things about, put it into your laptop with your younger siblings, watched it go from good to mediocre to awkward to bad to just plain horrible before your very eyes, had to try and explain away the crude remarks and bad parts to your seven-year-old brother, and got so irritated at the whole thing that you felt like snapping the disc? Mmhm. Well I have. Just yesterday, in fact. It was as pleasant and relaxing as stepping in dog poop is (and yep, I've done that too).

Marley and Me can be summed up in one word: inappropriate (I would describe it as "SO HIGHLY, EXTREMELY, AND UTTERLY INAPPROPRIATE THAT I COULD SCREAM"...but that's ten words, not one). I hated it, hated it, hated it, hated it, hated it...need I go on? It is a highly inappropriate movie disguised under the rating PG! There. Be warned--just because some guy with his head in the clouds decided to rate it PG doesn't mean it deserves to be rated PG.

I would give you a heated list of reasons why it is highly inappropriate, but that would make this post highly inappropriate, and, if I can help it, I try not to make my posts inappropriate...

Besides the highly inappropriate things, it was lame. The jokes were so non-funny that they were laughable, there was a bad message of "who cares about morals, live life dirty, to heck with consequences" (and yes, I am so disgusted by the stupid message that I am not even giving it proper punctuation marks), and John's (the main character) friends were just plain stupid. Plus his boss scared me.

Supposedly it's really sad. I stopped it when there was about 50 minutes left (couldn't take it anymore), before it got supposedly sad.

I find it really hard to believe that it's sad. It's too lame to even provoke any stronger emotion than disgust. Who cares that the dog dies? It was twisted...and its owners' "ha ha ha let's write about our dog's misfortunes in the newspaper...and ha ha ha it's so funny that let's make up some really inappropriate statements about it...ha ha ha that'll make it funnier" attitude was twisted.

Ugh. Let's just say that that movie was inappropriate--whatever your age is.

Anyways--I got the music for Up for violin. Just that one part at the beginning, where it chronicles Elli and Mr. Fredreckson's (can never remember his first name!) marriage. It's so pretty--I love it. I can't stop humming it in my head when I'm not playing it. :)

Off to watch The Two Towers with my younger siblings--at least I know that movie's not innapropriate and safe for younger eyes. :P

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Kylie said...

*Sigh* That's too bad. I heard that movie wasn't the best. :( I would hate to think it was a family movie and then end up having to deal with all that junk.

I just stopped by your blog, and I love it! It's absolutely gorgeous!

In Him,

Oasis Owl said...

Oooh! I never knew! I was actually going to watch that next week... :S

Heeheehee...come to think of it I can't think of his name either! =)

•Karis Brown• said...

Oh I definitely know how you feel! babysitting some little kids a and their mom had already watched it with them, and she told me it was so "cute" UUUUHHHH... NO it's not at all! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought it was a little kids movie! As soon as it started getting bad I was like "Uhh, guys, so this movie it ok for you to watch?" They said "OH YEAH! YEAH! This is our 3rd time watching it, and my mom loves this movie!" If they had left the bad parts out the movie still wouldn't have been a good movie, and it would have been only about 10 minutes long... as you can see I agree with ya! hehee

Love to read your blog! You are an amazing writer!


Dreamstar said...


I found it a bit odd too...but I wouldn't describe it like you did.

Half of the things in the movie, never happened in the book. The book was really good.

Like the part at the obedience school, with the female dog, not in the book.

Jessica Faith said...

hey - i'm a huge marley fan - but not of the movie the book's WAY better. i agree with you about the movie - so many awful movies are cleverly disguised under 'pg'. ha! what a joke.
the book is great though! i just don't recommend reading it to your younger siblings :D. honestly bekah!
hugs and blessings
(trust me i HAVE read the book - many times over b/c i love it!)

Marissa said...

I totally know what you mean! It's quite awful what they put in movies now a days. Makes me mad.

And your comment cracked me up!!!!! Oh my word! I was laughing SO hard!!!!!!!!! haha.
That so dumb winter jam isn't coming to your state! Sad day!!!!! =( I will be sure to tell you ALL about it! =)

Love ya!

Kat Heckenbach said...

The same thing kind of happened to me with that movie. My mom decided to rent it because she'd heard good things about it, and brought it over when she was babysitting my kids one night. She then had to apologize because there were things she SO did not expect to be in there. I wasn't mad at her, of course, because I'd heard the movie was cute, too. But they were no allowed to watch it ever again.

I also feel the same way about Transformers! The "suggestiveness" of that movie was over the top. Ok, so it was rated PG or PG13, but come on! You'd think that's because of fighting, explosions, stuff like that. There were a few scenes during which I had to cover my sons ears and eyes. And tell me that movie was not completely marketed to young boys--hardly! URGH.

Alex said...

Yeah, Marly and Me was one we shut off half way through.
Up is so awesome, i got it for piano.


***Emily*** said...

I've read the book...and after reading it I had no desire to watch the movie.

I also hate when you start watching a movie that you heard everyone say good things about then it being totally horrible.

In Christ,

Anna Gray said...

Hey - yep you are right, it is an extremely innapropriate movie. Personally, I thought the storyline was cute, but it had a lot of sexual references, and parts in it. They should rate it PG-13 for the language and the sexual material. It is so irritatingt that nowaday movies that have such great potential of being great or clean, almost always have something bad in them.

Urrrgh! Why can't they just be clean?

But yea, I totally agree with you in the sense that it is a very innapropriate movie.

Have a great Sunday! ♥

Emily Anne said...

I am so sorry Marley and Me wasn't very good! :( I did hear that it had adult situations, but I haven't seen it to know.
I suggest looking into Plugged In by Focus on the Family that does movie and TV reviews. It's GREAT and keeps kids in mind. Check it out. :)

Blessings- Emily

Kailyn said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I agree 100%!! Grrr, that movie makes me angry.

I was going to camp, and on the bus they played that movie.... It got progressively worse, and there were parts that I did NOT want to watch, so I shrunk down behind the seat and plugged my ears. Most of my friends thought I was weird because of that, but I was trying to honor my parents, who I knew didn't want me to watch stuff like that.

FINALLY they skipped through some of the worst parts, but it was REALLY awkward... ARGH. I mean, the movie has cute moments to it, but it's really sad, and it would be SOOO much better if they just took out all the inappropriate parts that they only included to get teenagers to watch it.

My rantings. Haha, sorry.

In Christ,

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