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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vote For My Science Teacher

US Bank is having a contest where they're giving away 5000 dollars. My science teacher entered, Ms. Jean Bakos, and she would use it in order to buy some more equipment for her science homeschooling program.

You can vote for her once per email address every 24 hours--I said I would spread the word. Please, go vote for her HERE.

This is her story:

Educational Support Gets Ahead

Educational Support Services was established to offer home schooled students hands-on science activities. I would use $5000 to purchase additional equipment. Items could include: a portable projector, tools for electronics, magnets, models for anatomy, prisms, tuning forks, light boxes, a pupil cam, fossils, rocks and minerals, stream tables, fault models, sedimentation tubes, globes, and weather equipment.

— Jean B.
I would appreciate it if you would vote for her, and I'm sure she would too. :)
Anyways, I was reading some of my old posts, and I'm thinking about re-posting an old story that I had written with I was eight/nine years old...just warning you, it's very lame, very funny, and based off of an old series I idolized at that age: The Boxcar Children.
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