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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Experimenting with masks.

photo courtesy of selective coloring done by bekah.

5 replies:

Hannah said...

I love it. Although, I think that "Bloom" would be a better title than lonely, because it doesn't look so much lonely as strong. ;)



Nana said...

I agree with Hannah. Great job, Bekah.

Jessica Faith said...

i agree with hannah... wonderful pic!!!
thanks for inviting me as your friend - i accepted it!!! :) hugs and God bless!!!

Eldarwen said...

Hehe, and I agree with Hannah too. =) Beautiful picture, though! You took it, right? {hugs}

Katherine Alice said...

What a pretty photo!

The fire was pretty horrific, we drove through the worst hit areas later that day when the fire had gone and it was really awful. It was pretty awe inspiring too.

Haha thanks, its actually my Dad's mask, he made us put them on when we first knew the fire was coming.

Of course I dont mind if you follow my blog, I love having new followers!

God Bless

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