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Friday, November 20, 2009


(Note: this post is mainly for Hannah...Hannah, you can save all the pictures to your computer and wah-lah! You have them. ^^)
Okay, so yesterday, Hannah came over to my house and we had a "photoshoot" (that makes us sound like professional photographers, but we're in reality just two crazy girls running around with a camera). Also mixed in here are some pictures that we took (sometimes its me holding the camera, sometimes her) at the teen-center we went to with a whole bunch of people we knew. (Among those present were my brother, Jake, Hunter, Alex,and Tanner.) Also, I put the captions above the photos, for clarification. (Click on photos to see large image)
This was one where Hannah was twirling, and I caught her mid-turn:

This one was at the arcade....

Me preparing to jump.

Hannah about to climb the wall.

Hannah gazing into the eyes of a cute little straw man.

Ha, back at my house, Hannah cracking up.

Hannah listening to me (her sister taking the photo)

Hannah skipping. *laughs*

I love this next one. Chloe (Hannah's sister) and Hannah were talking about something, and I, in a burst of inspiration, snatched up the camera and took a picture. ^^

Ha, Hannah was obsessed with taking pictures of the candy at the teen center. This was the best one.

I love this next one! I love the tiles.

My hand is the one with the black hair binding around the wrist.

This next one was back at my house; I use it as my profile picture.

Hannah and I at the teen center.

Hannah in the car on the way to the teen center. (I was originally in this picture, but half of my face got cut off, so I just cropped all of it out)
Hannah cracking up yet again (I have so many pictures of her laughing, because the minute I would hold up the camera, she would start giggling and then so would I, and... *throws up hands in despair* it would be several minutes before either of us could calm down)
Her jeans (she took this one).

Me. (You can see the colorful arcade games in the background). This isn't the best picture because it's blurry, but I like the coloring.

Hannah talking with somebody. Thought the lighting was AWESOME. Plus Hannah has an awesome side-profile. ^^
Yep. Hannah laughing again.
And again (love this one. This is what Hannah looks like most of the time).

Both of us love this one!

And this one.

Okay, click on this one to get a bigger version. Both of her legs are off the ground! It's so awesome!
This one is of me sitting on the porch. Thought the coloring was cool (the contrast between the white pavement and my blue jeans).

Me lousily trying to climb our tree.
Ohmiword, both of us love this one!

Hannah and I smiling.

Me grasping the wall.
I love this one!!!

And this is me, Hannah, and two of our friends. From left to right, Hannah L., me, Hannah, and Delaney.

It was so much fun taking these pictures.

I'm getting my braces off December 22! I'm actually really excited. I've tolerated them for two years, and it seems like I can't wait another day now that the end is actually in sight. ^^


9 replies:

Hannah said...

OHMIWORD! Today and yesterday were SO much fun--I can't wait till Wed.!!!

Woah...some of those pics that we took are AWESOME! I ESPECIALLY love the ones I took of you (like the contrast one) and the one with the candy (told you it'd turn out cool ^^).



Hunter Fraser said...

cool photos bekah!!!and I like ur music!!! I love Fireflies!!!

JT Norlander said...

cool pictures.
I changed the domain name of my blog, not sure if you knew that already. apparently it makes it harder to find until you stop following, find my website, and follow again. That's what blogger will recognize, though I'm not entirely sure. :)

sorry about any confusion!


Emii said...

Hey Bekah,
Awesome pixx! :D


Pam Calvert said...

Way cute, Bekah! You look like you're having fun--enjoy every moment!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Those were sooo cool! Hannah told me you had posted some! :) It looks like you had fun!!! :)

thewordcrafter said...

Hi. My wife directed me to your blog, and I have to say you get cool points all around. You link to my blog, I link to your?

-In Christ,


Abigail Kraft said...

You guys look like you have so much fun together! ^_^ I love the pictures! By the are both beautiful! :)

Love you!

Hannah said...

Aw, thanks, Abigail. =)

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