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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi everybody... *stifles yawn with hand*
Yesterday, there was a small group at my house (HERE is the blog of one of my friends, Hunter, who came) and it was pretty awesome. Delaney (sis of Hunter), my sister, her two friends, and I had a funeral. Morgan (a little five year old who is my adopted younger least her and I pretend it is so :D) and I were dead and Delaney, Nadine, and Abby buried us in the covers. The funeral was complete with weeping, speeches, and candles. It was hard to not laugh though...anti-climatic *laughs* under my "shroud" I almost really died from trying not to laugh. :D
Afterward, Delaney invited me over to her house for a sleepover, and it was so much fun. On the car ride to her house, Hunter, Delaney, Drake (Delaney's younger brother) and I got into this odd conversation about, as Drake put it, "freaky movies". Drake was interrogating me about the freaky movies I've seen. The movies ranged over The Grinch That Stole Christmas, The Matrix, The Blob, Harry Potter, and The Princess Bride, just to name a few. Delaney was telling me about horror-meres (spelling?) which is nightmares in which you are dreaming about something horrible, then dream that you woke up but are still in the dream. Then when you wake up for real, you think you are in the dream, and thus freak out, not knowing how to wake up. Our friend's younger brother had horror-meres all the time... *shudder* that must be horrible.
When we finally got to their house, Delaney and I found a dead mouse while nightcrawler-hunting, and named it Despearaux. Then had a funeral for him. A real which we said goodbye and dumped him in the garbage.
It was so much fun, overall. We talked while half-watching The Great Locomotive Chase until like midnight.
And this afternoon, Abby, my younger brother Peter, and I were bored, so we made this pointless movie, where Abby and I were opera singers and beggers, Peter was the evil king, and yeah. Dumb, but time better spent then sitting around, bored out of our heads.


5 replies:

Miss Morgan said...

I'm afraid the linky-poo that you gave us didn't work.
And I have no idea why I just called it that. A bit odd.


Emii said...

Hey Bekah,
Sounds like awesome fun! I did that with some friends once, had a funeral... I've got to do that again sometime!

Ooh, sometimes I kind of have those horror-mere things LOL! :)


Bekah said...

ooh, you're right, thanks, I fixed it :]
*laughs while shaking head* linky-poo...

Joëlle said...

hello Bekah! A big thanks for your comments. I really, really appreciate them. I'm so sorry that sometimes i don't leave any comments on your blog.
I promise that i will always comment on your post.

God bless


Evergreena said...

I've had dreams like that. They're terrible. *shudder*

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