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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, at the last minute, my mom decided to take me and my siblings up to _____ for a "last summer hurrah" as she called it. :) It was AWESOME! We stayed in this nice hotel which had a waterpark (unfortunately, Peter couldn't swim at all 'cause of his broken arm), free mini golf, an outdoor pool and breakfast buffet. *laughs* yep it was pretty awesome. We toured this AMAZING mansion that was a hundred years old last year, so it's 101 years old now, and yeah it was awesome. It was utterly stunning.
And of course I got burned on my neck *wince* so yeah there is this line where the scoop-neck of my swimming suit. The top part (all the way up to my collarbone) is red, and below that is completely white. It's gross. And if the neck sags a little bit, you see this stark white-red contrast that's just weird. So yeah, and my right shoulder got burnt, and I'm sure you all aren't interested in that so new subject *laughs*
Mini putt putt was amazing, and free, so we played it over and over and over 'cause it was one of the only things Peter could do with one arm.
And on the three hour drive up there and back down, we played the Alphabet Game (where you look for all the letters of the alphabet on various signs) a grand total of 20 and 1/2 times (we were stuck on Q on the 21st game). That game is very addicting, and fun, but I was completely sick of it by the end of the trip :D.
So I'm waiting excitedly for school to start.


2 replies:

Eruanna said...

Cool! umm why do you put a line for where you went?

JT Norlander said...

Sounds fun! I'm not much of a waterpark person, but I do think they're pretty cool.
Mini golf is AWESOME!


ps. hope the burns feel better soon. :)

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