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Friday, August 28, 2009

BBC Austen Films

So my mom recently got me a seven-movie set of old BBC Jane Austen films (Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Emma), and Abby and I watched Northanger Abbey two days ago, and Sense and Sensibility today. Northanger Abbey was REALLY good, but it had some disturbing parts. At one point, the heroine, Cathy, had a dream, and in this dream a woman was sewing her fingers together, and you could see the black stitches in the white, white fingers. It was...yeah, pretty disturbing. It doesn't sound that bad, but in reality, it kind of was. And in the same dream, this creepy guy washed his hands in a basin of blood. Northanger Abbey was about this passionate girl who loved Gothic novels full of romance and danger who came to Bath and met the man of her dreams, whose sister invited her to their estate, Northanger Abbey, in which she found a mystery that chilled her blood. It was awesome. Sense and Sensibility was 174 minutes (or somewhere around there) and was much more centered around romance. Marianna Dashwood, who I am most like of Austen's heroines, was very romantic and also obsessed with Gothic novels; she was swept off her feet by a deeply romantic and impressively handsome scoundrel who broke her heart and caused her to almost die (she pined away for days, and went into a dangerous delirium and almost died). Her older sister, Elinor Dashwood, was secretly attracted to a man who was promised to another woman, and silently suffered so as not to cause "scandal for her family," as the back of the movie reads. The man secretly loves her too, and breaks the engagement at the last minute and gallops off to marry Elinor. Marianna's heartbreaker, John (who had seduced many women in his time and struck me as shallow and insincere), came back to apologize and to admit true feelings for her when she was in the climax of her sickness; Elinor consented to passing on the message to Marianna, but in her heart harbored deep dislike for John. She told Marianna after the sickness passed, but Marianna found herself loving an older man who confessed his love for her to her mother. The movie ends on Marianna and the Colonel (the man who captured her heart to keep) discussing books, with dazed looks on their faces, clearly expressing love for each other, but not in words. Yeah, they were awesome! :D


4 replies:

Hannah said...

Yep, I've seen Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice (both the BBC versions). Very good movies. :D


Marissa said...

I've seen (and have) Sense and Sensibility, but I don't know if it was the BBC one.... I'll have to check.....*runs of to check* well I don't know.. but It stars Emma Thompson......
I've also seen Pride and Prejudice, and Emma, but I don't think the Emma is the BBC one. It stars Gwyeth Paltrow. :D Great movies. I like 'em : )


Natalie said...

Sounds like fun! I love Jane Austin!

Eruanna said...

Thanks soo much for replying back!

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