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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Earwen

Right. Earwen asked how to make an animated avatar, and so here it goes. (I'm not so great at tutorials, so I apologize if this is incredibly confusing)
So first off, you need layers, not transparent, but white. The animated avatar will start from the bottom up, so have the layers you want shown first on the bottom, then the next one above that, and so on. After you have all the layers you want (at least two otherwise the point of animation is defeated), then click Save As. At the top, name the avatar whatever you want, and then save it as .gif and not .jpg or whatever. .gif. Then another window will come up (after you click Save) and it says: Your image should be exported before it can be saved as GIF for the following reasons: GIF plug-in can only handle layers as animation frames
Then you have the choice to either Flatten Image or Save as Animation (there will be other text, but it doesn't matter) so then go down to Save. Then another window will pop up and the words (underneath Animated GIF Options) Delay Between Frames Where Unspecified will be the most important thing on there. The little number thing that is opposite the Delay Between Frames Where Unspecified will be automatically set on 100 Milliseconds, but you need to change it. My first animated avatar (the There-was-life-you-saw-the-child-you-saw-my-son one) was set at 1000 milliseconds, and, as you can tell, it was too fast. My second one (the Galadriel one) was set at 4000 milliseconds. And of course if you want it really slow you can go six thousand, or whatever.
So yeah, hope that helped,


2 replies:

Anonymous said...

Hannon le, mellon-nin!
I'll get to work on it right away!

Siminy said...

Hmmm sounds cool. Now lets see if I can get it too work... (I just downloaded it)

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