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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Alright, I'm in the middle of my birthday party sleepover, with three of my friends: Jordyn, Jenna (from Happiness), and Hannah (from Aspire)!!

Hannah came to my house early at three thirty; we dressed up (I had this long silvery skirt and my mom's red shirt and Hannah wore her confirmation dress, Jenna had an orange summer dress with white polka-dots and Jordyn had a black dress that ended at her knees and it had a decoration at her neck) and then waited for Jordyn and Jenna to arrive.

Anyways, so we went to the 3D movie Up (the second time I've seen it); it was extremely sad. Hannah cried four times (streaking her mascara), I cried twice (by cry I mean tears running down face), Jenna cried once, and Jordyn exclaimed loudly in several parts, laughing evilly on several occasions (mainly when the evil guy died) and generally making me crack up in sentimental parts.

Hannah was talking and I typed it up:

"I DID cry, and I WAS so freaked out my mascara would run...*laughs*"

Now her feet are up on my desk... *groans*

After the movie, we went to Noodles & Company which was really awesome. I love that place, as Jenna says (all three of them are reading over my shoulder, occasionally instructing me in what to say).

We then came home, ate ice-cream cake, opened presents, and played "Water Fight". I will upload one very gruesome (jk...?) movie later...probably... "Water Fight" was this very wet game consisting of throwing water from the hose and plastic cups (full of water...not the cups, the water in the cups ;). We all got extremely soaked.

Alright well we'd better wrap it up as it's 10:30...we're going to talk some more and then probably go to bed (Jenna is insisting that I type "hit the hay" instead of "go to bed"...). Right now, Jordyn is walking around, maliciously laughing, holding my LOTION and squashing innocent bugs with the bottom of my beloved Essence of Sweet Pea lotion!!

(Jordyn Typing:)
These bugs are MALICIOUS and BLOOD-SUCKING and they desreve to die!!!!!!!!!!!!
*mad cackle*

(Jenna Typing:)'s Jenna! *crack up laughing* you know... *continue to crack up* *keep laughing, accompanied by Jordyn* I snorted today...just kidding!! *laugh so hard she's snorting* HELP WE ARE DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... AND MANY MORE OF THOSE THINGYIES !

(Hannah Typing:)
Okay, first I have to go read what they wrote. Hmm...Bekah and Jenna are eating noodles. BEKAH GIVE ME SOME OF THE PARMESAN CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Jordyn just killed another mosquito...I guess I'll read what they wrote later. Much later. Apparently Bekah loves those noodles....*laughs hysterically as Jordyn screams* Bekah's dropping noodles on Jordyn. Did I mention we had a HUGE water fight? I was SOAKED as in, I had to completely change. COMPLETELY. It was freezing. So freezing. *laughs* Bekah's choking on her noodles. LOL, I just read what they wrote...geez, that was funny. :D

Bekah those cold left-over noodles were really delectable...sorry, Hannah, we ate them all. She just groaned and said, "Wow, thanks Bekah." Jenna was feeding them to me one by one...yummy ;)

Well it's eleven now, so we'd better get to bed.

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ChloƩ said...


Emily said...

Sounds like fun! One time my and my friends jumped on my (wet) trampoline until 2 in the morning! Jordyn's laugh sounds like a type of laugh I might use *moohahahaha!!* tell every one I said hello!


Anonymous said...

wow...interesting group of friends you have there...*laughs*

Lauren Ann

Emma said...

I can NOT wait til my 13th birthday party! [It's in 2 weeks]
That's sounds like heaps of fun!

Alex said...

While in SC, South Caroline, I saw up too, I DID NOT CRY, but yes very very sad, i was squinting when Ellie wrote, Thanks for the adventure, go have a new one, or something like that,


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