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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Aw, so cool!! I love Gimp!! It's so much better than (in my opinion).

It's so complicated...I've been reading some tutorials, but just generally fiddling around with it, and these are two basics images I produced of Arwen...

This one has a background of Arwen in a veil, then an overlay layer of her veiled by Aragorn's tomb. I perhaps should have made the overlay layer a bit more darker, but I found it pretty good.

And this one I just LOVE! I adjusted the colors, sharpened it, and then did this photo affect that made the face way whiter and everything just clearer.

This is how it was originally:

6 replies:

Cylleruion Gwaithovorn said...

WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club of gimp users!!!!!!

Horsey at Heart said...

Wow, cool! How exactly do you get Gimp? Do you download it?

Anonymous said...

How did you get teh swirly veil thing?

Hannah said...



Bekah said...

Thanks, Cylleruion! :D
I went on, Horsey At Heart, and clicked Download. It's COMPLETELY free. However, if you haven't used any photoediting programs before, I recommend using as a starter, and then eventually using gimp.
Earwen-the swirly veil thing? In the first picture, I just used two images of Arwen (both from
Hannah-WHOO-HOO!!!!! Thank you SO much for deciding to come!!!!! I'm so happy now!!!! :) :)


Hannah said...

Yep! I had to come, I was just like, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!??!?!" lol...:D

BTW, I made this (in my opinion) really cool pic of Arwen and Aragorn, I'll have to send it to you. I used gimp AND :D Or I could just upload it, but if I send it to you, then I can show it to you tonight.


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