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Friday, June 19, 2009

*sigh of contentment*

I just finished my chores...yes, the sleepover is over *yawn*. We stayed up until one o'clock talking/giggling about MANY random things *ahem-ahem, cough-cough, sniffle-sniffle, snort-snort*...sorry, inside joke :D.

It was SO great!! I had so much fun!!

The Water Fight was incredible. I got hit with a plastic cup above my eye by Hannah (*pointed glare* jk :D) and I have a bruise/scratch there which grosses me out :D.

The Water Fight was incredible though. There was a lot of traitorous back-stabbing going on. For example, Jordyn was like to Jenna, "Oh, I'm on your team!" and then she would turn on her with the hose and completely soak her... *laughs*

What inspired the Water Fight was when Hannah and I dumped water on Jenna. Jordyn just playfully insulted Jenna, so Jenna stood up, shaking in mock indignation, and proclaimed, "I am going to talk to the hose!" She then struts down the deck stairs (leaving Jordyn, Hannah and I in spastics of laughter). Hannah jumps up, grabs her water cup, and whispers urgently to me, "Bekah, let's dump our water on Jenna when she walks underneath!!" So we stood by the deck until Jenna walked proudly underneath us. We both dumped our full water glasses on her; I scored, but Hannah completely missed. My ice-cubes all drummed Jenna on the head which was hilarious. Of course, Jenna ran back up, grabbed her cup and threw the water at me. Hannah turned on me with Jordyn's cup and dumped the water down my back, then sprayed Jordyn with the remaining water. All of us were wet anyway, so we just decided to have a Water War :D Which was a great idea.

Then after we all got dried off, Jenna wanted to have her left-over noodles, so I went and got them (at like eleven o'clock at night! :D) and I stole the parmesan chicken (I had the last bite and I was waving it in front of Hannah and she was like GIVE IT TO ME and I just ate it which was fun :D). Then Jenna started feeding the noodles to me one-by-one (which took a long time). Then she got impatient and started feeding them five-by-five, and then uncounted-by-uncounted...

We ended up taking cold noodles in our hands and scattering them all over Hannah and Jordyn...Jordyn didn't even care 'cause she was too busy killing gnats, and Hannah just screamed "BEKAH!!!!" while continuing to blog*clean out ears*

Let's just say I had the best birthday party I have EVER had!! I got incredibly great presents, and awesome cards...

I have the best friends EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs*

PS: Jenna has a blog that I made for her this HERE to go there!! Be sure to follow her ;)

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vickychick said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun! When I have my b-day partys, there's always some drama,(Unfortunetly)but it's till alot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Emily said...


emii/emily said...

Hey Bekah,
Ohh, I just found your blog -- and I love it!
Sounds like an AWESOME sleepover, you're lucky to have such awesome friends...


Josh S. said...


Bekah said...

Yeah, Vicky, it was AMAZING!
Thanks Emily!!!
And thanks, Emii; your blog is cool, too!! Thanks for following mine!!
Yeah, Josh, well no surprise there :D


Josh S. said...

Yeah xD

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