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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Night At the Museum Two

Night at the Museum 2 was SO great!!!

We ended up going. Hannah, me, Josh, Jake and Alex went, along with my dad...and the movie is SO hilarious! I forgot my glasses *sigh* and so Hannah and I had to sit in the VERY front row. We had to like tip our heads back to see the whole screen because we were sitting so far down.
We ate all our popcorn and pop really quickly, and I really wanted more, but didn't want to go get it...I wanted Hannah to go get it, so I was like pleading with her, but of course she didn't :D

The movie was HILARIOUS!! I'm too lazy to describe the funny parts, but, all in all, it's a movie worth seeing.

Then, after the movie, we went to McDonald's for ice cream. Hannah was making art out of her ice cream cone :D

Like the WHOLE car ride, Hannah and I were reliving an old birthday part that one of our friend's had. We were talking about how depressed we were after Caspian and Susan kissed. The weird thing was that the WHOLE day and night before, we had been giggling about it, and talking about how excited we were about it, and then we were moping around the house afterward. Then we were talking about the restaurant Olive Garden that we went too, and how we ordered the same thing (Chicken Parmesan SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and how we TOTALLY ruined this one couple's date. We were laughing so hard, and the guy and girl were literally glaring at us. They were like holding hands when we walked in, and then, after a while, they shot us dark looks and stalked out. I feel kinda bad now, but oh well :D Then, before we watched Prince Caspian at the party, Hannah and I were TOTALLY arguing about how much luck we had...really stupid, but fun. We were like yelling, "No, I have more luck then you! My grandparents grow luck on their trees! And collect it, and give it to me every day! And I have luck in my pockets!" etc. etc. :D

It was SO much fun!! :D

Another thing to be happy about is...

*drum roll*


We finished cleaning up the American Girl Doll room!!! *hysterical clapping* :D

7 replies:

Hannah said...

LOL yeah, I was making art out of my ice cream cone...:D


Hannah said...

YEAH! You got it cleaned up! :D


Marissa said...

That's funny how you ruined that couples date. lol. I would have just laughed even harder after they glared at me! lol. I'm just mean like that.

*cheers* YEAH for getting the doll stuff cleaned up! =D


Alex said...

I just remembered a very funny part you should have talked about, ya know when he was going to rescue the people, there was the National Treasure music, HAHA, i though that was pretty funny they'd put the same music in Night at the Mueseum 2.


J said...

That was MY birthday party, where was this couple? I dont remember them...

Bekah said...

Okay, remember we were sitting around that big circular table in like the center of the sitting place? To my left was sitting a blonde girl and brown-haired guy on a date. Remember that? I was sitting next to Maddie, and you were sitting next to her, and so your back would have been to the couple, but you should still remember that...
When are you getting back from DC?


J said...

No, I can't picture them... We actually just got home last night, so I'll see you an Friday.

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