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Friday, May 29, 2009

Faith Around the World

Hey everybody,

I'm part of a group blog called Faith Around the World. I would (and I'm sure the rest of the authors would love it to) love it if you guys checked it out, maybe followed it!

Tonight, me and my brother were hoping to go to Night At the Museum 2 with a couple of friends...but we haven't heard back from my brother's friends' mom probably won't work out, because if my brother's friends can't come, then I can't invite my friend, because my brother's friends live really near my friend, so then we'd have to drive out to St. Michael just for one girl, and my dad doesn't want to do that so...

Yeah. I'm hoping my mom gets an email regarding tonight REALLY soon and that's its a yes.

Right now, my basement is a MESS; on Monday, we had friends over, and one of the kids was a five year old. My sister and I have this semi-large closet in which we keep our collection of American Girl Doll stuff (I don't play with it anymore, but Abby does). Apparently, he went into my sister and I's American Girl Doll Room (Abby, my little sister, had just cleaned it up the day before...she was so proud of how clean it was!) and decided to mess it up. The little five year old told my seven year old brother, "Let's mess up the American Girl Doll Room!!" and my brother said "NO!" but the little kid just went ahead and did it...

So the room is HOPELESSLY messy. Abby went in there to play yesterday morning, and when she opened the door, she beheld beds turned upside down (the bedding ripped off), dolls whom she so lovingly took care of (their clothes unzipped and half-way off) buried under miscellaneous objects, their hair tangled (Abby took pride on how smooth their hair was, but not anymore...even after careful brushing, it still has knots and fraying hairs that won't come smooth), carefully-aligned shoes swept off their shelves and lying in heaps on the floor, tables and chairs turned over, tediously organized accessories scattered around and missing, and treasured objects (such as teeny-tiny earrings) dug into the carpet and lost. *HUGE sigh* She was crying, it was that bad.

Right now, we cleaning up bit by bit, but I have a sinking feeling that a lot of stuff is going to be missing. Luckily, only one bed and a pair of small glasses was broken. I think it's a miracle, what with the loads of porcelain dishes that are stored in that room. The bed is expensive, but the little kid's mom is going to replace it. Well, we're going to see if we can glue it back together and rebend the wires that were mangled, but if that fails, then we're going to have to ask the mom to pay for it. We're missing a whole bunch of little stuff, like the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, small cooking stuff (such as eggs and candles), etc.

It's not so infuriating for me as it is for Abby, because she plays with it a lot, and I never do, but still, I'm pretty irritated. And that's a bit of an understatement :D

My mom called the kid's mom, and the kid isn't allowed to come inside our house for a while as punishment. But the kid is only five and a few weeks...but I think he still should have known better. This kid is mature for his age. He was talking in full sentences when he had just turned four. I can't remember when my siblings were talking, but isn't that unusual? Maybe not. I don't know.

Thanks for letting me vent on you guys :D It's been frustrating, but hopefully we'll finish cleaning up/ organizing/ fixing/ searching this weekend.

5 replies:

Elizabeth J. said...

I have gotten on the Faith Around the World blog before.(^=

Marissa said...

Aw. I'm sorry your sisters doll stuff got lost/broken and messed up. ;(
I hope you get it all cleaned up, and that not to many things are lost.


Megan said...

I had to make a new blog, I'm trying to see if it will solve a problem...

I hope it works!
Here is the link:


BooksforLife said...

Wow! It's strange how children don't have to be taught what is wrong, just what is write, eh?

Anywho, I hope things are cleaning up smoothly! I want to see NatM2 too! :D

[quick note, it's kinda hard to read the writing because it is really small!]


The Reluctant Dragon said...

My two year old brother talks in full sentences. =D

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