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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Putty & Noodles

Hey everybody,

Yesterday, I played with my neighbor and sister outside for practically the whole day, and the thing that struck me as funny was that we played with this silly putty for nearly three hours. Three hours. We just sat on their trampoline, and played with this bright green putty. For a very long time.

We split up the putty into three sections, and then we each formed a worm with our putty. And played that we were worms. :D It sounds really weird, but it was incredibly fun, considering that we were playing worms with putty. Abby and Liv were these tiny little dots, and they were babies, and I was their mother, and once you die as a worm, you come back to life as a different worm. Kind of like the Hinduism view of life (where like they believe when you die you come back as an that Hinduism? Or some other religion?). Abby and Liv would have their excess putty in their hands (as they were only these little tiny dots, and had MUCH more putty left), and they'd call it their "body parts"...and they'd be like, "Oh, I want to grow a little bit! Where's my body parts?" And then they'd add a little bit of putty to their body. It was SO much fun!! :D

Then today we went to church (Me and some of my friends named Jenna, Jenay, Tory, and Katie were goofing off and then Hannah, Tory's cousin, kept on exclaiming to the teacher, "Ruth, I feel like I'm sitting with a whole bunch of three-year-old's!!" :D), and then went to this restaurant called Noodles. Abby and I were feeling really hyper, and so we went to the front desk where you order stuff, and I convinced Abby to ask the lady there something. So Abby, with this innocent face on, went up to the lady and asked sweetly, "I was just wondering if you had any noodle cookies?" And then the lady jumps, and seems to look at her for the first time. She exclaims incredulously, "What?!" I burst out laughing (like extremely loud), and the lady looks at me, and then at Abby and looks slightly frightened. A whole bunch of people turned to stare at us (due to me laughing so hard). Abby jumps, loses all her courage, and squeals, "Cookies! You have cookies?" The lady glares at her, and says shortly, "Yes. We do have cookies." She points at a basket of cookies (which were right in front of Abby), then turns to the next person and asks, annoyed, "What can I do for you?" clearly dismissing us. We both start laughing really hard (so hard we were crying) and then ran back to our parents (who weren't exactly pleased :D my mom found it really funny, but my dad just rolled his eyes and didn't look surprised). We were going to ask the same lady again, but my dad put his foot down... :D


8 replies:

Hannah said...

Hi Bekah!

LOL, man you are so strange...:D Worms and Noodles...:D


Hannah said...

LOL I was looking at your sidebar, and you are DEFINITELY Pippin! :D

I was Frodo and it said I was sullen and moody. :O!


Lexi Williams said...

THX for leaving a comment on my blog! I really don't think I'm that good at photography. But I love getting comments! Oh, & THX for following my blog too!

Lexi Williams said...

P.S. You must REALLY like Lord of the Rings. Hehe. I LOVE those movies!

Anonymous said...

A title, huh? Hmm....
How about 'Authoress' or 'The Magic of a Pen' or 'Inkwell' ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I explain my book on my latest post =D

Rachel Danielle said...

Pretty awesome header and button Bekah! Wow! Hannah's talented, is she not?

Moriah said...

Thanks for following my blog! I tagged you.

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