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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi everyone, I have been tagged by Hannah, and I don't know who else, and today I finally found the time to do it!
Okay. My memories...

The first thing I can remember is China. I'm not sure how old I was.

My Dad had a business opportunity in China for about three-four months, and we all went with him (Mom, my older brother [7 or around there...], me [Maybe...5?] my younger sis [I'm betting...3 or 2 years old], and my younger brother [newborn...RIGHT before we came to China]).

I remember scorching heat, all day, every day.

I remember sitting on top of the high wall that surrounded our large home every day with my older brother, waiting for my Dad to get home from work. Waiting...waiting...Watching the people go by below us, watching the banana grove right across the street. Waiting...waiting...And when Dad did get home, we would climb down (scooting onto the mango tree that brushed the wall and sliding down) and give him a big hug.

I remember eating pills that tasted like chocolate. I loved them.

I remember climbing our mango tree. I loved doing that, although I hated mangos.

I remember playing in this little blue car. We (my older brother and I) would take turns pushing each other down the "Rocky Road", which was this uneven cobbled path that wound around the house. We eventually broke the car. My parents left money to pay.

I remember playing with our Chinese nanny. Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name. She was kind and loving and gentle, and dearly enjoyed jabbering at us in Chinese. I think her name was Mrs. Chang or something... *scratch head* maybe I'm way off...idk...

I remember climbing these huge rocks in our front yard.

I remember walking up the red-cloth-covered spiral staircase, and stepping over lizards that were laying on them. I squished one accidently, one day. I cried.

I remember one night asking my Mom if we (the kids...I was a spokesman :D) could watch Stuart Little. She said no. I asked Dad (I was desperate... *sigh*), and he, unknowing of Mom's decision, said yes. We got in trouble.

I remember looking out my window, and seeing lizards climbing all over it. I didn't like them.

I remember eating doughnuts on sticks.

I remember going on bike rides.

One night, I went out with my Dad on his electrical scooter in the streets of China. We got arrested. I can't remember why. All I remember is tons of Chinese people staring at us through monkeys...I had nightmares later. Of all those faces...staring...

We went back to Chicago.

My best friend was named Sierra. She was so kind, and loving, and fun. She was born on the same day as I was, the same year, and everyone called us twins. We were inseperable.

Across the street, was a dear family friend named Judy West. I was somewhat her favorite of the kids, I think. She invited me, and just me, over every Christmas to help decorate her tree. Later, the whole family would come over and celebrate Christmas with her. Or maybe that is just a faulty memory...

We would play in Judy's garden, chasing butterflies. A beautiful time. Judy's husband, Ben, I think was his name, would give us gifts and play games with us. I miss them. They were wonderful people, a little like the grandparents that we never knew. Both sets of grandparents lived in Minnesota, so I never remember them until we moved.

I remember once a sleepover I had with Sierra. I forgot my toothbrush. Her Dad made a game of it, and taught us both how to brush our teeth with our fingers. I miss Sierra, even though my memories of her are fuzzy and indistinct. I wonder who and where she is right now...

I remember block parties, with tons of friends and fun. Police cars would come and we would take turns sitting in the car with the police officer, driving around, siren wailing, lights flashing.

I had a neighbor who could look one way with one eye, and the other way with the other eye. Her name was Emily, I think.

For a long while, I cannot remember anything. However, I know that we moved to Minnesota, and lived in a farm house on my grandparents' land. There were tons of bugs. I screamed a lot. I hate bugs.

I remember a lot of freedom in those days. I could run around, watch the cows and horses eat their straw, play with my siblings, dig in the a happy little girl, carefree and innocent. Growing up makes that kind of freedom impossible. Now, I worry about things that I certainly should not worry about-my appearence, my friends, my possessions...stupid things. In those days at the farm house, none of that mattered to me. I was free.

Then we found a house, and we moved into the house we live in today.

A car pulled up, a woman got out. She was the mother of my best friend for the next four-five years.

I scootered down to a neighbors house and asked if he had any kids. He said yes. His daughter was/ is my friend.

That pretty much sums it up.


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Jake M. said...

You've been to China? Lucky!!! The only thing I wouldn't like there would be the lizards. (I get really freaked out by slithery, reptilian things like snakes, lizards, ect.) :-)


PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yeah, I'm really glad I made a new blog title... The old one was way to boring!

Hannah said...


Hannon Le! That's so nice of you to say that I know all that stuff about blogs and stuff! It's cuz I know about html and stuff.

I will monkey around on your blog when I have the time. Right now I'm supposed to be getting ready for my youth-core-event-sleepover! :D I'm so excited!

LOL, okay, I'll charge it! :D



Bekah said...

Hey Bestie, um first off why are you talking in that elvish language? Nobody can understand it but you.
Okay next-CHARGE YOUR IPOD! Right now! Check your phone messages to find out why.
OH heehee, I just realized you said "okay, I'll charge it" did you get my message? :D :D
Love you,

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