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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT?!

You're totally not gonna believe me. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready for this?

I bought my violin. (rather, my absolutely wonderful, incredible, amazingly generous parents bought it for me. :-)

Ummmmm....!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way!

I spent two hours this morning playing ten different violins at House of Note and deciding which one I liked best. Playing multiple songs over and over on different instruments, paying painful amounts of attention to the sound, the tone, the ringing.

I spent another hour, fishing through at least fifteen bows, using them - noting the tone, the stroke, the feel - carefully eliminating them one by one until I found the one that was perfect.

And oh my word. The. violin. is. beautiful. The tone is stunning. The strings are amazingly easy to stroke and surprisingly smooth, much more so then my old violin - it makes vibrato a breeze, whereas on my previous instrument, I struggled quite a bit.

It seems like I've been playing it ever since I got home from the shop!

Just look at this stunna. And believe me, it plays more beautiful than it looks!

Ahhhh. Doesn't it just take your breath away?
I. Am. In. Love.

26 replies:

Näna said...

Oh, that is GORGEOUS, Bekah! Have fun playing!

Gwyn said...

Okay, NOW I'M jealous! <:D
Now the questions.. :)
Where was it made? Austria? Korea?
What brand?

It is very pretty. Do you still use tapes on the finger board to help you out?
What genre of music do you most enjoy playing?

I have a violin in a magazine{Shar Music} picked out - sort of. Except it's nine-thousand dollars. *gag!*
Well, someday, right? :P

Happy fiddling to ya!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness... it's BEAUTIFUL, Bekah!!! Wow. I don't play the violin, but I really want to learn someday. I would love it if you posted some videos of yourself playing. Pretty please? ;-)

Sereina said...

Beautiful violin, Bekah!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful violin. I don't play violin but I'd love to hear you play it :)

~ Jessica

Lizzy Bennet said...

I'm going to back up Lindsay here and request that you post a video of yourself playing the violin. I would love to hear how it sounds! It certainly is beautiful... stunning... unbelievable to describe. Wow. Just, wow. You are so blessed.

I hope you enjoy playing on your new violin!

In Christ,

Popular Joker said...

Congrats Bekka! I know how you feel so happy. I myself just bought a French Horn! It is amazing. Enjoy palying your new strings bekka!

Katie G. said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!!! And I am loving the photography skills as well! :P

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Wow! Thats awesome. You're parents are pretty cool. What a blessing. Its very pretty. i wish I could play an intrument. I'm learning guitar but I doubt I'll ever...get good at it or anything. Anways...I bet you're really good!

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

***Emily*** said...

Ah, it's beautiful!! Please post a video...please...

I've had a violin for a few years but have never really been able to play. *sighs* Maybe one day I can take lessons.

In Christ,

Anna Gray said...

Oh Bekah, it's BEAUTIFUL! I've never played the violin, but I have considered it before.

I'm so happy for you! That's great! =D

The Golden Eagle said...

Positively beautiful violin! An attractive instrument is always nice. :)

Kristin said...

How exciting!!! I love those pictures! Have fun'll have to post a video on here!

Ivorydancer said...

I love the violin! My sister plays and I've taught myself some. I'll be learning the Cello this summer. Love string instruments!

Maggie said...

That's beautiful and I don't even plan an instrument (I am horrible with instruments, I have attempted but it's just not my thing...) The pictures that you posted are beautiful! I am sure it is even more beautiful in person!


Jake M. said...

Wow- I don't play violin but by just looking at your new one, I want to! It's awesome!


Stephanie said...

That is so cool! :D

Araken said...

Very neat. I used to play

Alexandra said... looks amazing! Congrats on your new violin! :D

Anonymous said...

what did you play before?


kittikat said...

Bella! It's Beautiful, Bekah!

carlotta said...

congrats on your new violin! happy playing :)

Bob West said...

That is exciting. From a distance your life seems so full. The Lord has blessed you and gifted you greatly. You must be very thankful.

In Him, Bob

Margaret Rowena said...

I am a violinist too and can totally relate to your thrill! Last year, we got my great-grandpa's antique violin restored to a playable state, and I was was just ecstatic to get a new 'old' violin. Nice blog, I am clicking "follow" after I click "comment"!

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful instrument! I know I felt like that when I bought my pro silver trumpet back it November. You just can't believe that this amazing instrument is really yours! Have fun playing :)

--Cornet Crazie

PS: Love your blog- if you want to, you can find me at my blog, Treble Clef (

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, yes! I LOVE the violin :) The sound is just incredibly beautiful :)


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