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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess what I found in my backyard yesterday?

A toad. That's right. I almost stepped on found a toad.
So I was playing soccer with my family and neighbors. I was goalie for a brief time (was kicked out after letting in three goals within the span of five minutes) and my keen eyes (ha, I wish) spotted a toad. A small, beautiful toad. He became my toad prince. I lost him within ten minutes. I hope he didn't die.


It took exactly forty five minutes
to straighten my hair this morning. I woke up at six o'clock (actually, it was actually more like six thirty) A.M. to toil over my hair in front of the mirror.


I am already planning ahead
for my birthday. June 27th. If any of you want to send me a present in the mail, that would be fantastic. (I'm joking, obviously. But still...)

Lynnette Kraft
is having a fabulous giveaway over at her blog. You could win a personalized theme song for your blog. Worth $65. I'm super excited. Because I just got this feeling that I'm gonna win. (Just kidding. I'm very unlucky, even though my grandparents grow luck on their farm.)


I should have been born
at 3:33 P.M. 3:33 P.M. is the very best part of the day. I love 3s.


Someone told me the other day
that I look like my name should be Margaret. Apparently, I look like a Margaret (actually several people have voiced this opinion).

I'm not exactly sure
what the point of this post was. But one last thing...


Have a lovely day, my lovely chums.

11 replies:

Megan said...

hehehehe.... I always wished my birthday was in the summer because then I could have a big party outside and everything... My birthday is in OCTOBER! lol

~Megan <3

Anna Gray said...

No way! My b-day is June 13th! So we're what, a year and 14 days apart?

That is awesome that you're buying a new violin! I have always wanted to learn how to play one.

Have a great day! =)

Caroline said...

Awesome post! Random ones are the best, lol:). And I LOVE toads! I have one that lives under my porch whom I see occasionally. They're adorable!

Marissa said...

Wow. A lot of people have their birthdays in June!!! Mine is in August =)
I used to get up early and straighten my hair... but that got really old. Especially when camp can. So now I just got with the curls. I like curls anyway so as long as it doesn't go crazy all over the place I'm okay with them.
Love the random post dear :D

Love ya!

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...


Apparently I have "extra healthy hair" which I think is code for stubborn.

Anyway, seems like I am stuck with partially-wavy-straight-in-some-parts-with-a-bit-of-curl-in-the-bangs-hair. Until my hair gets old.

A new violin? Cool! I want to learn to play so badly!

Aw, poor toad.

dija kiss him?



Victoria said...

I love random posts! Aww toads! We have bunnys living in our back yard! Third bunny family in one year! :)


Abigail Kraft said...

I like doing my hair, but I rarely spend very long on it. lol. I'm kind of a "wing-it" type of hairdresser. I just do it and redo it the wrong way until it looks like its done the right way. haha. :D

Oh birthday's in June too! June 4th to be specific. It's stormed on my birthday almost every year...I used to hate that, but now I kinda like it.

Haha! The comment about your grandparents growing luck on their farm made me laugh. :)

Margaret? Hm. I've never thought that...I think you look like a Bekah. lol.

YAAAAAY FOR NEW VIOLINS!!!!!!! That's exciting....very very exciting. And when you get it, you need to post a video of yourself playing, because frankly....I think it's only fair. ;)

Have a great day!

Jordyn said...

Oh yes, our wonderful Grandparents and their unending allowance of luck from their farms. Hey- I'll bet that Ferdinand Pastliano (silent t) has plenty of luck- as does Bernie the hermit crab :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Whoa, you're getting a new violin? Congrats! I wish I could do the same. :)

Memzie said...

I love the little snippets!

Congratulations on the violin!

I love 4s.

Hope you find your prince toad.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bekah, I really don't think you look like a Margaret...I'm not sure what you do look like, but I wouldn't say that. Hmm...I might think on that for a while. :)

I write music...acutally starting Friday (hopefully) I'm going to start "orchestarting" a song I've called "May I wish" that I dedicated to your bestie, Hannah. :) When I finish my "masterpeice" I'm going to post it on my blog. :)I hope she likes it.

Love ya,

p.s. I might send you something for your birthday via Hannah (I have her address. :)

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