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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Playing Mail" :: Feeling Nostalgic :: and My Morning

My daddy has these junk mail scattered all over his desk. I was looking through them, and there was one that had one of those fake credit-cards in them, y'know?

Well, I had this best friend a long time ago - at least five years ago. She lives in the neighborhood still, but we have totally lost touch. Well, when I was about seven or eight, I would go over to her house for hours (literally - HOURS!) and I would bring all of my daddy's junk mail. She would have a pile of junk mail, and we would sit down at her kitchen table and open all of those letters.

I remember feeling really grown-up, sitting there, eating popcorn and opening letters. We would discuss the letters in British accents ("They spelled my last name wrong!" "Oh my - they say if I call them, I could get fifteen per-cent off on car in-shure-eence. What's car in-shure-eence?") and pretend to have tea parties.

Sigh. Can't help but miss those days.

Anyways, I had to go to the doctor this morning to check my hemoglobin, or something like that. The doctor sent me to the lab to get my blood tested - that was a warning flag for me. While my momma and I were waiting outside the lab, I asked her (full of apprehension) if they would have to prick my finger. (I hate that sort of stuff)

"No, it'll be a little bit bigger than that," she replied, picking up a magazine.

"WHAT?! What do you mean, a little bit bigger than that?!"

She didn't reply.

"Needles?!" I demanded.

"Uh...yeah. They'll put a needle into your blood vessel. It won't hurt that much."

Before I had time to thoroughly think that over and get freaked out, the lab-woman came. I sat in one of those big chairs and sure enough, she made me push my sleeve up to my elbow, found my blood vessel in the crook of my arm, and stuck a long needle in there. (In reality, it wasn't that long - but any needle is freaky, right?)

There was a pinch, and then the can attached to the needle began to rapidly fill up with blood. Despite my nausea, I was honestly fascinated. She filled up four cans with my dark ruby blood, and then cut a little gash into my other arm to see how long it would take me to stop bleeding.

Every fifteen seconds, the lab-woman would scrape a piece of paper across the gash to soak up the blood. That hurt. It took eight minutes for the wound to stop bleeding - the longest eight minutes of my life.

I was so glad to get out of there - believe me. SO glad. ^_^

When we got home, my younger siblings were playing a board game with my younger cousin (who is over for the day). They were so cute - all playing together happily. (Peter is the one with glasses, Abby the gal, and Matthew the one with the blue shirt.)

As I write this, Peter (younger brother) and Matthew (cousin) are playing basketball around me - sometimes chucking the ball at me just to see how I'll react.

A few minutes ago, Peter accidently bumped Mat into the wall, and Mat got a big bruise. I was concerned that Mat was going to blow up at Peter or something. Peter shouted:
Mat! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you into the wall!
Mat replied (after about thirty seconds of groaning):
Hey, Pete, that's okay. It's okay, Pete. Let's start the game over. Let's start over. Ouch. Come on, Pete.
It was so cute - isn't it amazing how forgiving they are? (They're both eight years old - and great friends. It's so cute to see them together. :)

And Mat totally forgot about what happened - even though he has a bruise the size of a baseball on his back!

Oh, and one more thing. Peter and Ab were blowing bubbles yesterday afternoon - just gotta show you the cute pictures I got. :)

10 replies:

Hannah said...

As a fellow pin-cushion, I empathize with your needle poking. Once I had nine vials filled.


Kendra Logan said...

Aw, that is so cute! What a sweet story! :)


Rachel said...

Sorry about the labwork, Bekah. As Hannah already's awful. Several times she's had to rest afterwards. When she visited the hematologist at Childrens she almost passed out on the way back to the hematologist/oncologist floor. I asked her if she was ok and she replied, "um...maybe not...everything is turning black."

Note to self: always have Hannah sit and rest after lab work. And provide juice.


Izori said...

*shudders* I do NOT like needles. Ouchie.

Anna Gray said...

Oh my word, I was cringing the whole time you were describing getting your blood drawn. It makes my arm hurt just thinking about it.

Hope your arm gets to feeling better! =)

Eldarwen said...

*shrugs shoulders* I don't mind needles that much. I received shots and had my blood taken quite a bit when I was little. Though, I am sorry that you had to go through that! My dad and grandpa are total whimps and big cry-babies over needles. Seriously, they'll start tearing up and turn pale if you just mention one. :)

That is such a cute story! My youngest sister used to be forgiving, but she's 11 now.... they're not as forgiving the older they get... lol =D


Jake M. said...

*grimaces as images of doctor's needles maliciously and mercilessly piercing flesh cycle through his mind* jk. But OUCH!!! Four cans full of blood? *shudders* But I can understand why you were fascinated- must be your bloodthirstiness. :D
Also, that's really awesome about Peter and Mat. If I was as young as him and in his situation, I probably would've gotten aggravated-, but Mat demonsrated a lot of forgiveness instead. That's really cool.


[Laurea] said...

I had to get a blood test done when I was about 8. My mom STILL won't tell me why :) . They kept missing my skinny little artery! They must have put it in about 7 times. Then the guy said for whatever reason they couldn't do the test that day, so we had to come back another day.

Not fun.


Memzie said...

Ugh! I HATE needles! Always have! I don't mind blood though. Blood is fascinating. Strange I know.
I am a lot like Hannah, though. I had my blood taken one time and nearly passed out. It was the weirdest feeling. I could literally feel the blood draining out of my face. But the nurse was nice, encouraging, and he sweetly gave me an apple juice to help with my titling world.

Fun pictures and great memories, Bekah! Thanks for sharing a piece of your past.

Emma said...

Yikes I get so nauseas when I read or see things like that. I had to get that done a few months ago but it was only a finger prick luckily.

Love the pics you have adorable siblings :)


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