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Monday, April 26, 2010

PARTY TIME :: The Magic of ShrinkyDinks

Oh that picture is so pixelated it hurts my eyes to look at it.

Ever heard of ShrinkyDinks? They're MAGICAL. How does that relate to anything? Weeeeell...

My sister Ab had a birthday party a few days ago, and it was crazy awesome (I love birthday parties, :-). (It ended on a bad note. Ab's best friend went home early, and left my sister in tears)

There were beautiful decorations, fun games, lots of laughter, goofy pictures and yummy food.


Oh, and did I mention there were CRAFTS? Make the connection?

We did ShrinkyDink crafts, and it was rather stressful :: though very productive. :-)

First of all, there were four impatient kids and only one set of markers...

Then! The ShrinkyDinks wrinkle up when placed in the oven, and I got a panic attack because I thought they would stay like that.

I wasn't the only one anxious about them...the kiddos were huddled around the oven the whole five minutes the ShrinkyDinks were in there.

Here's the easy chair that's supposed to be a heart, a minute before you take the pan out.
(This picture is even more pixelated than the ShrinkyDink one)

The final product!

(this one is pixelated also, as it is a crop)

Now tell me that ShrinkyDink isn't MAGICAL!

6 replies:

Memzie said...

Those things are SO much fun to do! I remember the first time I did them. I was anxious too because they were folding onto themselves and doing weird things. But when the timer went off, they came out perfectly fine!

Happy Belated Birthday Abby!

Memzie said...

OH! I just heard! I hope your anemia goes away!
My mother had anemia and it was not fun.
I'll be praying for you!

Jordyn said...

Um, did you post about the anemia? Cause I didn't see anything... Ah well, I hope you start feeling bettera nd you won't have to take the youknowwhats. :( Lovers you!

Rachel Danielle said...

You've *ahem* probably already been given it. But I've awarded you. :)

Megan said...

I've awarded you!!!

Emma said...

Love those shrinkydinks =] Sounds like you guys had fun =] And by the way love your new blog header!


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