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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Upon My Return {Blog} Parade (yes, that means giveaways ;)

Hey. I hope you still remember me. The break was nice, and I needed it.

(Florida was incredible--I promise a lot of pictures will be uploaded here, as well as a few right here.)

Anywayserz, Kat told me to do something fun when I "come back". That got me thinking--and I've decided to host a blog parade (as you know from the title, of course).

Appropriately, my blog parade is called Upon My Return {Blog} Parade.

{EDIT}: I apologize for the non-working-ness (^_^) of the code...I think I fixed it.

The Wordcrafter

The rules are simple. Answer a few questions and WAH-LAH! You are entered into two fantastic giveaways! (You have to realize that I won't be able to spend two hundred dollars on this blog parade--I doubt I'll be able to spend fifty. I just bought my camera, as you know, so I'm re-pooling my allowance--can't spend a whole lot on giveaways. But still--a giveaway is a giveaway. ;)

I have no idea how many people will enter, so I'm going to bribe you all a bit (that's allowed, right? ;). Starting at 20 particapants, when every ten more link up, I will add another giveaway. The more people particapate, the more giveaways there are.

How to get extra entries: (not including answering the questions, of course--you gotta do that ;)
1. Add the bloggie-bash button to your sidebar.
2. Follow this blog if you came upon it from the button.
3. Follow my photography blog (I ♥ followers, I'm not ashamed to admit it. :).
4. Leave a comment. (I also ♥ comments.)

You can get, at the maximum, 5 entries! Now tell me that ain't a good deal. ^_^

I will be posting the questions in a new post tomorrow (I'm warning you ahead of time: I'm a big procrastinator. So it may easily be a few days after tomorrow.). You can think up your answers and post about them starting April 1st, 12:00 p.m. {Central Time}. (There will be an April Fools question. ;)

Upon My Return {Blog} Parade will end April 10th, 12:00 p.m. {Central Time}.

Get ready to link up. :)

Make sure to check back here often for the questions and some more information on the giveaways.

Also, wondering what the giveaways are? Think coffee, a good book, some graphic design stuff, and a nice blank notebook...Oh, and pens, of course. Something along those lines. (Not only am I going shopping sometime soon, but I'm gonna scrummage around the house for something decent to add to the stockpile.)

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you--I'm re-designing my blog-look. Yes, yes, I know, I just got a fantastic one a few weeks ago...but I'm yearning fall. ;)

28 replies:

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I've officially done everything...the buttons on my blog and i left you a comment. I was already a follower :)

Dreamstar said...

I'm following here, following your photography blog, I commented here :), I added the button thing to my side bar-

And how do you get 5 entries? There were only four.

Abigail Kraft said...

Count me in! I'm going to go and add the button to my sidebar right now. =) Oh my word, I cannot believe I wasn't following you yet! That's crazy! I'm a faithful reader, and I read blogs mostly through RSS feeds, but I am following both of your blogs now. ;)

I is excited! ^_^
Love you,

P.S. I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!

Amber said...

I am already a follower!! And I followed your other blog! Yay! I'll blog about this.. and everything else...

Emma said...

I am already a follower and since I'm leaving a comment, all I have to do is put the button on my blog :)


Alex said...

I follow this blog, your photography blog, and I commented??? Glad you're back to blogging.


Rachel M. said...

I would absolutely positively want and love to enter!! :D

I already follow both of your blogs--photography and main ones.
And I added the blog parade button to my sidebar. :)

Thank you, Bekah, for this fun, fun opportunity. I just have to say that I hope I at least win something. :D
God bless you!
~Rachel M. from Hopejourney~

Emily Shae said...

Welcome back! I missed ya! I cannot wait to se pictures :)
Oh, you know I already follow both them 2 death! I also took your stylish button.


Emily Shae said...

FYI: Button is on my blog. Yeah, but you can't see it for some reason. Just thought I'd let you know.

Alexandra said...


I added the button on my blog:

I'm following both of your blogs, and I'm dropping a comment, too! ;)

-Alexandra :D

Anonymous said...

I'm in! That's cool.

[Laurea] said...

Welcome back, Bekah! I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to giveaways, but I would DEFINITELY enter if I could! Are you really considering deleting your blog? Don't! I love it and lots of other people do too!


Jordyn said...

Well, I'd join if I was a blogger, but I'm not.... :( I'm sure your giveaways will be amazing!

Love ya, Jordyn

p.s. Your blog is astoundingly encouraging and just so extremely wonderful thatyou should never even think of deleting it! Silly girl. ;)

Josh $ said...

Ok, ok, ok.
FINE! Just get off my back and stop pressuring me.....


Jake M. said...

Giveaway + Book = I'M IN!!!
Alright, so I added the bloggie-bash button to my sidebar. I'm already following your blog. I'm following your photography blog. And I'm leaving a comment now, so that's 4 entries. But how do you get the fifth?
Can't wait for the questions!


Melody said...

Awesome idea Bekah! So glad you're back! :D

Okay, so I follow both your blogs (and your photography one is really cool btw!), I'm leaving a comment, and I put your blog button on my blog! Can't wait until April 1st!



Anna Gray said...

Added your button to my sidebar! =D

Anna Gray said...

I follow this blog! =D

Anna Gray said...

fun giveaway!!! =D

Anna Gray said...

I follow your photography blog! =D

Jordyn said...

Okay, so I'm doing the buzz/facebook thing, I can't really follow your blog, but I check it every day, and same with your photography blog. Aaaand, I'm commenting! 4 entries?!

Jordyn said...

Ooooh, I actually CAN follow you! So now I'm following both of your blogs, dearie! :)

Memzie said...

Is it too late for me to enter?
If not, then I am a follower of both your photography blog and Word Crafter blog.
I have also added your "bloggie-bash button".

Let me know if it is too late.

Thanks for the sympathy. I am feeling a little bit better today but sound like a frog, ribbiting every time I speak.

Katie G. said...

Hi! I am now a follower of both of your blogs and I have the blog party button on my blog as well! I'm exited for this! :D

Eldarwen said...

Ooh! Fun, fun, fun, Bekah! =D I am so joining! ;D

1. I put the button on my sidebar.

2. I follow this blog!

3. I follow your photography blog!

4. I'm commenting. ;D

Love ya, girl!
Eldarwen :)

Anna said...

I'm Anna, blogger at From the Blue notebooks ( I love your blog! It's so pretty.
I noticed that you have a feelings button thingy with pictures from Jane Austen adaptions. ("Bekah is feeling...frustrated") I really really want one of these but I don't know where to get it! Please help!

Thank you!

Lindsay said...

Hi Bekah,
I've decided to join in! :D Here are my entries:

1. I follow this blog.

2. I follow your photography blog.

3. I put the button on my sidebar.

4. And I'm leaving a comment.

I'll answer the questions over the next couple of days! :)

♥ Love,

Rachel's Blog said...

Oh please enter me!! I would love to win your giveaway....whatever the prizes are :).


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