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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Far Too Short A Time...But For Now I Must Leave

I am immensely fond of you all...eleventy-one years is too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits...I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve....I wish to make an announcement...I regret to announce that—though, as I said, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to spend among you—this is the end. I am going. I am leaving now. Good-bye.
-Bilbo, The Fellowship of the Ring
I love Blogger, I love blogging, and I love all of my wonderful followers and all of their wonderful blogs.

But, like Bilbo, I am in desperate need of a break.

I have been neglecting my writing as of late in favor of blogging—and writing is a much higher priority to me right now than blogging.

I need some more time to write, some more time to journal, some more time to study photography, some more time to graphic design, some more time to learn html and some more time to read the Bible—and giving up blogging will help grant me that time.

And there are other reasons why I'm giving it up for a while...but they're complicated.

Don't get me wrong. I love blogging. I love you all. I just need a break from it all.

I don’t have the self-control to give up blogging entirely—so I will continue to update my photography blog, and I will moderate comments (your comments always make my day...I couldn't do without them. ;).

I’ll be back on March 23rd—hopefully. I may extend my "vacation" for longer than that, but for now I'm planning on the 23rd.

Await lots of pictures and ponderings and stories from my vacation to Florida (I leave in a few weeks!) on my return.

I'll see you then,

15 replies:

Hannah said...

*sighs* Gonna miss you, Bekah...I wish I could've convinced you otherwise...I get it though...*sighs* :(


Anonymous said...

Ah, I understand — in fact my recent break was for exactly the same reasons. We'll miss ya! Have a nice vacation.

Twinkle Toes said...

We'll sure miss your posts, but taking a break is a good idea...have a fun and relaxed time on your "vacation!" And can't wait to hear about your trip to Florida :) It's really nice there.

Hugs & Blessings,
Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes said...

Oh and I was wondering if you could follow my blog,
I completely understand if you don't want to or if you can't, but it would mean a lot to me ;)

Hugs & Blessings,
Twinkle Toes

PS- You don't have to publish this's just for you to read, Bekah ;)

Alexandra said...

:) I completely understand. Blogger can make you addicted sometimes :S

Well, I'll miss your posts as well!

Hope you have the time of your life at Florida!! ***I've always wanted to go there :).


Eldarwen said...

I totally understand, Bekah! I'm taking a break from posting on my blog, because I just don't have the time. Seriously, it takes me FOREVER to do a post. =) Anyways, have fun and get lots accomplished! ;) I'll miss you terribly!


Amber said...

gonna miss you!... I'll still see you on Wednesday's though!!!:) see ya tomorrow:)


Evergreena said...

I totally understand and respect that. In fact, I've been thinking that I might take my own break from blogging in March-April, to focus on writing and editing. :)
I hope all goes well for you!


Memzie said...

I will miss you and your wonderful posts. See you on the other side.

Melody said...

Aw, Bekah, I'll miss you & your beautiful posts, but I know it's good to take a break and just experience life! Hope you come back refreshed. :)


[Laurea] said...

Have a relazing break, Bekah! Can't wait for you to come back!


Anonymous said...

I'll miss you, Bekah!!! Love ya, girl!
~ Ëarwen/Myfanwy

Emma said...

We'll all miss you, Bekah -- your great posts are almost unbearable to miss! But I definitely respect what you're going to do... in fact, I might do that for the month of April myself, as well.
But.... I'm having a little idea streak on my blog Summer Girl and I need feedback from my beloved readers! I was wondering if you wanted to stop by and drop me a comment. If this is advertising, I apologize - you can delete or ignore this comment. I just wanted to give you all the heads-up. Thanks!
PS the blog URL is

Melian said...

I posted a little something about you! :D Come and see!

Love & Hugs, Melian

Kat Heckenbach said...

When you come back, start with something fun :). I tagged you....check out my blog to see what to do...

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