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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why do I believe?

Sunstar posted 100 things about herself on her blog, and one of them was "I don't believe in Jesus, God, or the Bible. I used to though." I immediately wondered, "Why?" So I asked her, and this was her reply:

My Reason for Not Believing:I used to believe in god because my family taught me the ways of the bible. When I was about seven, my mom stopped believing and she told me why. She told me about how the bible said that the sun revolved around the earth, and about how anyone could of made a story book, and people found it as a real book. I didn't believe her at first, but then I started thinking. It wasn't long after that I began questioning the bible. I didn't want to believe in a god that was going to send me to hell (although in the real version it says nothing about hell-my brother takes Greek and the teacher studies the real bible). I found flaws as well.Here I am now, but not what you think I am. I don't REFUSE to believe in him, I just don't know. I only have hopes, not beliefs. I HOPE that I will turn into an animal in my "after life". I HOPE there is an after life. I HOPE that the world doesn't end in Dec. 21, 2012. Sadly, my secret is almost destroying me. My friend's dad wouldn't let me see her when they figured out that I didn't believe. Also, I have a best friend that I met when I was four (I'm currently eleven) and I just can't risk leaving her. She lives in California now, and we still contact each other from time to time.I also believe humans and animals changed into different things (animals still change-a snake turned from striped to brownish-black because of it's climate)When I was a believer, I always had nightmares about the devil, and god killing me and what-not. Now, my dreams are clear, and my mind is filled with other thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if "god" is the earth, not a person-superhuman-whatever.Today, I feel strange. Life has lead me on other things besides god. I don't hate or fear people who love god-I used to love him! I don't think that people who believe cows are sacred (at least they can see them!) or that believe the powers and the strength of the lion are to be praised (what's not to praise about them? They're loyal and amazing creatures) I even think that those other gods are just stories that have been mistaken for the real thing! The "creator" of Alla, was a young boy who was being chased and hid in a cave, where the "spirit" spoke to him. All of this time, I learned that nothing can change a Christan's mind but her/himself. They always reply 'God made it that way', or 'Well...' then they move on and make an excuse.Thank you for your time, and please write me back on my blog (I'll know if you wrote it because I can read it on comment moderation first!) If not, I'll check back here every day.
I thought deeply on what she said, and this is what I replied (this is really long):

Why do I believe in God?
John 3:16-17 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.”
I believe in God, for I believe he is the only way to true life, the only way into Heaven, and the only thing in this whole wide world that is not contaminated and dirtied by the devil.
Sunstar, you say that you don’t believe in Jesus/God because you don’t want to believe in a god that condemns people to hell. But the Bible says: “For God did not send his son into the world to CONDEMN it but to SAVE it.” (emphasis added)
God does not condemn you to hell. If a person decides to spend his life committing perverse deeds and disregarding Jesus, when s/he dies, s/he IS going to be judged. Everything that s/he has done will be taken into account, and these are the two possible outcomes: either God takes s/he, or Satan does.
God does not condemn you to hell! You condemn yourself to hell if you choose to disobey God, taking into account that by your actions, you will be condemned to eternal fire.
Sunstar, you say that the Bible is false, and that it says that the sun revolves around the earth, and is like a fairy-book, making stupid promises and claiming stupid things. I can understand how you think it’s like a fairy-book, because of all the REMARKABLY unbelievable things that are said to be true in the Bible. The dead are re-given life, water is turned to wine, storms are calmed, demons are driven out, leprosy is cured, the sea is split, etc. But the thing is, these miracles are still happening today. Once, I was talking on the phone with Hannah (, my bestest friend in the world, and I was telling her about how God never talked to me, how I felt like he didn’t even know I existed, how I thought he didn’t love me, how I never heard him speak to me.
She told me about how one night, a few years back, her sister and her were laying awake in their beds, and suddenly, an angel appeared at the foot of their bed. They freaked out, but Hannah said it was the most AMAZING thing that ever happened to her. Maybe God sent that angel, so that one day, she could encourage me by telling me that.
When a little girl named Swarna was 3 years old she fell out of a 2 story window into a ditch. Her leg had been shattered. The doctors did what they could and sent her home. Her mother, Mary was a Christian. Her father Jacob hated Christians with a passion. The only Christian he would have any contact with was his wife Mary. Mary prayed fervently for healing. Jacob mocked Mary for praying. When Jacob and Mary brought Swarna back to the Dr. two weeks later there was no evidence that her leg had EVER been broken. Jacob witnessed a miracle and his heart began to soften. He now is a full time minister, ministering to the people in India. He is persecuted many times for his faith, but he continues to share the gospel.
I was listening to the radio, and this mom called in, and told Air1 (the station 103.3, 97.7 or awesome station) how her aunt had had a huge brain cancerous infection. The doctors had x-rayed it, and said there was going to be a dangerous surgery to have it removed. The woman’s prayed her heart out, and had other people pray too, and when the woman’s aunt came back to have it taken out, it was COMPLETELY gone. The doctors compared x-rays and it was amazing. One day the huge cancerous growth was there, and the next it wasn’t.
I am studying biology, and am looking through microscopes at tiny, tiny bacteria, and I am blown away. They are so complex, and SO microscopic. And the human body! Isn’t it astonishing that if we get cuts, our skin will heal all by itself? Isn’t it amazing that if you break your bone, all you have to do is get a cast on, and your body will heal it ALL BY ITSELF? Isn’t it wonderful that our bodies have a system called sweat that keeps us from over-heating? And isn’t it BREATH-TAKING to know that when a man and woman join, the tiny, single sperm and egg will create a WHOLE NEW HUMAN BEING—the heart, the brain, all the perfect nerves, the skin, the ingenious healing process, the cells, EVERYTHING? New life is a miracle in itself!
And doesn’t it render you speechless when you think of this world? Think of all the millions of things there are in this HUGE world...the billions of bacteria and parasites, thousands of animals, hundreds and thousands of kinds of insects...and ALL of them are SO incredibly complex that I just cannot wrap my mind around it. Every single animal and insect has a heart and a brain, however tiny it may be, and every single one of them have a unique form of reproduction and eating. And think of our solar system. Our planet is JUST the right distance from the sun. If it were just a few miles further away, we would freeze, and just a few miles closer, we would burn up. The sun has dangerous ultraviolet rays that would shrivel us into prunes, but this earth has a “shield” around it that lets JUST enough ultraviolet rays in to keep us warm, and keeps JUST the right amount out so that we don’t get burned up. And we need water to survive, right? So we have clouds that store rain, and evaporation to keep those clouds full, and those clouds keep our earth watered and lush.
And space is boundless! There are some stars that are millions and billions of light years away! Science can not even comprehend how amazing huge space is.
Science has tried to create a mini-world called Biosphere 2. They spent seven years and $200 million dollars in designing and building this 3.15 acre “world”. They put animals, bacteria, insects, everything that they thought they would need to make Biosphere 2 COMPLETELY sustain itself.
Guess what? It lasted not even two years.
Even the absolute BEST of science and technology cannot compare with our world.
Sunstar, you might be bored and wondering why the heck I’m telling you all this stuff.
Because I believe it all points to a Creator, a God.
I find abundant reasons to believe in God.
I believe in Him because He is the ONLY thing in this world that can fill me up and make me feel whole.
Money can’t fill me up, nor friends, nor drugs, nor sex, nor fame, nor love. Nothing except Jesus can.
I believe in God because taking all things in note, it is impossible for me not to.
I believe in God because he loves me, he created me, and he wants me to know him
I believe in God because everything I see and learn about SCREAMS of a Creator.
I believe in God because I realize my need for him
I believe in God because he sent his son to die for me.
I believe in God because I have witnessed him, heard him speak to me, and seen him transform the lives of people around me.
I believe in God because he is the ONLY thing that makes my life worthwhile.

I posted this on her blog, and haven't got a response yet. I will post what happens.

Would you all go to her blog, and tell her why you believe, or why you don't believe?

A Note to Sunstar: Sunstar, I totally respect your belief and your religion. Please don't think I am trying to turn all my followers against you. I am following your blog, and think it a cool blog, even though I'm not really into all the "Clan" stuff. I am not the sort of person that will shun non-Christians just because they are not Christians. I will not try to convert you in any way. Please don't take this whole thing the wrong way.

Thanks you guys, and thank you Sunstar,

8 replies:

Cassie said...

I tagged you!


Marissa said...

AMEN Bekah! I agree 100%!!!
There are SO many things that point to a creator!
you put in exactly right!


Hannah said...

Bekah, dear, wonderfully written. And not at all preachy, if you know what I mean. Just simple, wonderful, truth. :)

Love you dear,


Dreamstar said...

...That was...long...I believe in God/Jesus/Bible too...

What about that tag/award on WolfShadows???

Dreamstar said...

I tagged/awarded you in WolfShadows!

Evergreena said...

I love your response. It resonates with me deeply, and I want to shout out AMEN!

Miss Morgan said...

That is INSANELY deep.
Perhaps I'll go comment to her tomorrow, when I have time to write half a novel. lol
But really, Bekah. God is gonna use you in some INCREDIBLE ways!!!
Would you be willing to email me and talk, or Facebok me and talk?

Bekah said...

Miss Morgan, I don't have a Facebook, but I would be SO willing to email you!
I'll post this comment on your blog too.


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