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Thursday, October 29, 2009

LoTR Blends

(Note: Almost all of the pictures used in the blends were found HERE)

This morning, I felt this impulse to open Gimp up and make some blends, so I obeyed my instincts and these are the results...

The next one I hurriedly mashed together, and it does seem like a random bowl of Eowyn pictures with a sprinkle of text...

(Note: The next two were not made this morning)

These last two cost me a good forty five minutes to make. First of all, I just barely completed the blend, but then Gimp shut down and I lost it. Shrugging it off (it's happened before), I opened up Gimp again, and re-made it, and then it shut down again, just after I finished re-making the second one. Frustrated by now, I opened it again, and the second after I finished it, instead of tweaking with the curves and colors to make sure I have it right, like I usually do, I quickly saved it, then continued to tweak with it (adding words, adjusting hues and curves).

This is the original blend that took me three tries to make....

And this is the finished product, complete with words (I know! I use the Angelic War and JaneAusten fonts way too much, and I highly stress the "way") and adjusted curves/colors.


5 replies:

Anonymous said...


Elránia Undómiel said...

Those are great! My favorites are the first one of Galadriel, the first one of Eowyn, and the last one of Arwen :)


Marissa said...

Those are AMAZNG Bekah! I LOVE the Frodo one and the last 2 =) very cool.
You're so much better at blends then I am.... =)

BTW were do you get your fonts?

love ya!

Hannah said...

Like I said, I like the Galadriel one.

*moans* I'm going to have to borrow your laptop so I can use gimp...I'm suffering from nongimpatitist...*screams and rips out hair, all while panting*

*laughs* lol.

Love ya,


Bekah said...

Marissa--I got them on font sight. :)

Hannah--Ah! I'll call a doctor. *calls docter and get laughed at* Okay never mind. Better stick with lending you my laptop. If the peels revo works out, I'll bring it. :D

Love you all,

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