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Friday, October 30, 2009

I Can't Believe...

...that NaNo starts in two days!!

I've seen several NaNoWriMo Survival Kits and decided to do one.
  1. My Laptop. Thank goodness for it. Did I tell you that I love you, Araldar? ("Araldar" actually means "Evil One" in the language of one of my "Araldar" isn't such a fantastic name for my laptop...)
  2. My Notebooks. My main notebook is this tattered one that holds about five plots, random quotes, Bible verses, great books, and excerpts from my stories. I have several others, however; unfortunately, I am very unorganized, and, if I have a "brilliant" idea, I just grab the notebook that's nearest to me. Therefore, I have several notebooks and I have to search all of them to find something specific.
  3. My Bible. I have it sitting on my desk so when I get "nano-drepression", I can just look up an inspiring verse.
  4. Coffee/Tea/Chocolate. I will most definitely be drinking a LOT more decaf coffee and green tea this month. *grins* The occasional cup of hot chocolate, perhaps. And a LOT of chocolate from the stash my mom got specifically for Halloween, but whose leftovers may be used for more productive purposes. ^^
  5. The Work-Out Machine. Working out is a stress-reliever for me, so that contraption will be getting a lot more use this month. ^^
  6. Gmail. All my friends on gmail better get prepared for some venting. *laughs*
  7. Hannah. Hannah, I'm going to call you a LOT, and most of the conversations are going to be complaining about how far behind I am. And yes, we can always bury names if we get depressed. :) (Inside joke...)
  8. My Family. Definitely. Where would I be without them? *grins*
  9. My Diary. Oh my word, almost all the entries from this time forth until the end of November will be freaking out about NaNo.
  10. My Characters. There would be no story without my awesomely-cooperative characters. One of my main characters, Jole, agreed to die without so much as a soft shriek. And another, Arayna, resigned to being stuck in jail for twelve years. And, of course, my evil character, Imandr, is really a good person at heart, but is determined to impersonate a deliciously-evil character just for me. *sighs* But of course, it's my eminently main character that's being stubborn...she's refusing to let Jole and Arayna die, and says she doesn't need to listen to me. *rolls eyes*
  11. Books. Insanely inspiring books.
  12. Gimp. *grins* thank goodness for Gimp.
  13. Music. Lots and lots of music. I have a song for every mood. ^^

AGH! I'm so excited!! :) On Sunday, I'm setting my alarm for around six, so I can get a few pages done before church. ^^

Since I'm only doing 20,000 words, once I achieve that goal, I'm going to keep pushing and hopefully get 50,000 words so I'm ready for full force NaNo next year.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to be doing a lot less eating/playing/hanging out and a LOT more writing/scribbling/screaming? :D

One last thing (Note: this is an edit): An AWESOME giveaway at the Elvish Maiden!! Go enter! :)


5 replies:

Hannah said...

*Laughs and screams in excitement while jumping up and down*

Get ready for some serious grave-digging, dear! ^^

Love you,


Emii said...

I'm doing it too! I don't know how I'm gonna find the time, though! :)


Evergreena said...

Great list! I love the part about the characters. Happens to me all the time.

I really should get my survival list up soon... maybe tomorrow. I still need to go Nano-shopping for all the things I don't yet have. Procrastination already! Argh!

Enna-Rin said...

Great post! I am having so much fun with NaNoWriMo!

Marissa said...

Good luck girl! I'm sure you'll do great!
I like your kit =)
Feel free to e-mail me any time dear!
Happy writing!

love ya!

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