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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Life is Average and Quirky Thursdays

Today, I found My Life Is Average and I was laughing harder then I have in a while.
Here's why (read them, they're hilarious :D):

Last year, my friend wrote "Help. Ninja's killed my family. Need money for Ninja lessons" on the back of my binder. I still use the binder because I love it. Today, I had a binder check. When my binder was returned to me there was 6 cents inside with the note "For your noble and worthy cause" written to me from my teacher. I love my school. MLIA

Today, I shouted "Hey look! I'm INVISIBLE!" at people walking past me when they weren't paying attention. When they turned to look I pretend to try and find where the voice came from too so that they would be confused. It worked. MLIA

Today, I was writing a paper on my laptop. As I used spell check, it asked to fix my last name. Annoyed, I clicked "Ignore". After handing in my paper, I got it back with a question mark in the top corner. Ends up I spelled my last name wrong. Never again will I question Spell Check. MLIA

Today, my son's teacher told me he spent all recess on top of the jungle gym commanding the other kid's to do his bidding. I told the teacher I would discipline him. I actually took him to McDonalds because all 5 year old dictators deserve a happy meal. MLIA.

Today I got a 66 on a calculus exam. I turned the paper upside-down and felt a little better. MLIA

Today, I was walking with a friend on our way to class. We were discussing how many na's there are in the bat man song. As we were doing this we kept going, na-na-na-na-na-na my teacher jumped around the corner and yelled,"BATMAN!" Then jumped back. New favorite teacher. MLIA

Today, while driving to school, the Spice Girls "Wannabe" came on the radio. I began singing loudly and dancing in my seat when I pulled up to a red light. I looked to my right and saw my physics teacher,also singing loudly to the song. We made eye contact. It was awkward. We are both guys. MLIA.

Today, I renamed my iPod "This ship" just for the pleasure of seeing the phrase "This ship is syncing" MLIA

Today, instead of taking notes in math, I decided to draw the back of the girl who sat in front of me's head. When the class was over I showed it too her, she showed me her notes which consisted of the head of the guy in front of her. MLIA

Today, my dad and I walked into the hospital with flowers for my mom who has just broken some ribs. The receptionist asked my dad "new baby?" he responded "no, I've always been this big." and continued walking. The look on her face was priceless. MLIA

Yesterday, I noticed that in the back of my latin class there is a locked closet. Next to it is a glowing red button. So today, I put a sign up over it saying "push for Narnia" with a big arrow under it. My Latin teacher gave me a high five. MLIA

Today, I had my cell phone taken from me at school. Why, you ask? It rang, and ignited my entire class into "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Losing my phone was worth seeing my teacher power slide with an air guitar solo. MLIA.

Today, my phone vibrated very loudly in Algebra 2. Just as our teacher looked up to give an accusation, the shy boy in the back says at the top of his lungs, "Oh my gosh! That bee is HUGE!" and points out the window where it 'just flew away'. It's always the quiet ones who are the real heroes. MLIA

Today, in school the teacher had asked us a question and knowing the answer I put up my hand. All of a sudden the teacher ran over and high fived me. I was really shocked until I remembered I had wrote "High 5 here!" on my hand earlier. Way to go me. MLIA.

Today, after reading several MLIA's on the battle between Yahoo and Google, I decided to participate. I decided to type in "Dinosaurs are" Yahoo said "Dinosaurs are not real" Google said "Dinosaurs aren't extinct they're just hiding". I think we all know who won this round. MLIA.

Today, in Spanish class, my friend and I was passing a note and the teacher caught us. Upon discovering that we had written the entire note in Spanish she gave us extra credit instead of detention. MLIA

*laughs* There are so many more side-splitting ones. I would post them, but I gotta get off the computer.

One last thing (I don't want to have to make a whole new post...don't like to do more than one per day ^_^)...Marissa over at A Peek Into My Life is the host of... *drum-roll*

A Peek Into My Life

Quirky Thursdays! *applauds* Quirky Thursday is one day every week in which we answer quirky questions in order to get to know each other better! :] I think it's a great idea, so here is the first question... (I rephrased the statement so as to make it a question)
What is one of Your Favorite drinks,
from a restaurant/Starbucks/a homemade drink/etc. etc?

Ooh...toughie...ANY kind of coffee (black, cream-and-sugured-unbelievably, latte, mocha, iced, anything. Love it!), or soda. I rarely have any variation of either of those, so whenever I have either its a huge treat. ^_^

Well that was fun! :] Now I have to get off the computer...
...but just one more last thing. :D Today, I had a soccer game, and it was pouring rain out, but I was excited, because how romantic is playing soccer in the rain? (wow...that was a run-on sentence...apologies) Okay, maybe not so romantic, but it's so much fun. It enhances the game to pieces. Anyways, the game got canceled. So yeah, here I am typing on my laptop rather then out in the beautiful rain running my tail off...and freezing my fingers into extinction.
Yeah, now I'm getting off for real. ^_^


6 replies:

Marissa said...

Awesome! Thanks for participating!
And there was supposed to be a question mark at the end of that :D hehe. and a "what is" in front :D


Hannah said...

Ha! Nice, dearie (*Laughs* I love that nickname, although it can be SO condescending! ^_^).

Call me soon, k? I have some great new novel ideas. I've been reading Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr the past few days...ohmiword, they are so good! You forget, y'know? :D



Anonymous said...

Hehe! So cool! I LOVE rain!!! *laughs* I'd love to have been playing soccer in the rain!

How did you change your fonts? They look awesome!


Cassie said...

Bekah? How did you change the font of the words on your sidebar and post title?

It looks so pretty!

Love and Blessings,

Bekah said...

Cassie and Melian- I went to this site: and followed the instructions...pretty easy. :D

Bekah said...

LOL! Those are hilarious!! :) THanks for sharing that site! :) Your new fonts look great- you did good!! :)

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