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Saturday, September 26, 2009

God's Amazing

God's amazing, ya know that? Sometimes it's just like the realization of His love for me is like a big bubble within me, and I feel like, if I don't tell somebody I'm going to burst! :]
Life definitely has its struggles, its pits, its snares, its horrors...but God overshadows all of it. Reading over my post two days ago, I kind of portrayed this world as a horrible place. But it's so not! *grins*
Life has so many good things as well as bad. Family is one. God has so blessed me with amazing family. My mom and dad are so strong in Christ, and are so willing to share their knowledge of Him with me. My siblings are just utterly incredible. And friends! *laughs* I have SO many amazing friends, and I love every single one of them. God has worked through them and ministered to me in unfathomable ways.
And one of God's definite blessings is writing. Writing, anywhere. In my diary, on my computer, in my head, on a scrap of diary is probably the one I'm most fond of. You can find me at any time, hunched over in my room, scribbling in that notebook like the world is going to end tomorrow. I end up getting ink all over my hands and face, but writing is bliss. I don't know about you, but diaries have been such a big thing in my life. I write everything in them: my disappointments, my joys, my loves, my hates, everything. And then when I look back at a diary entry I wrote three years ago, I'm rediscovering a piece of myself as a younger, more innocent person that I had forgotten and left behind in the scramble to grow up. It's amazing, and I can just pore over the seven diaries that I've filled with my slanted, messy handwriting and remember things that I would have otherwise forgotten.
And new life! Hannah's mom just gave birth to a baby boy, Samuel Josiah, yesterday morning, somewhere around there. How amazing is that? :]
Anyways, just shouting it out right now....
That's all there is to it. ^_^

4 replies:

Hannah said...

Seriously, all I can say is AMEN! =)

Love you, dear,


***Emily*** said...


JT Norlander said...

Amen Bekah. :)
Especially to the journal part. I look back in my journals and I really do see that more innocent, naive, and sometimes dumb self. :)
It really is great to see yourself growing though, and to see others growing with and around you.

Jordyn said...

Hey Bekah! Love your blog, love your post, great job! Love you, My special fishie! -Jordyn

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