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Thursday, September 24, 2009

We Have Come A Long Way

For my online writing class, I needed to research a whole bunch of Victorian lifestyles and websites in order to answer an array of questions.

And as I was struggling through them, this thought hit me: We have come a long way. There is so much more technology then there were in the Victorian days. There is so much more icky stuff all over the internet ("icky" is not a bad enough word for it...and there was no internet back then). There are way less rules and regulations concerning everything (dress, courtship, dancing, dinner parties, hosting, manner, conversation, etc.). There is so much more bad stuff everywhere. (Note: there were bad stuff "back then," just perhaps more subtle then today)

There is so much more technology.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing, for me. A good thing because so many people can learn online (computer-wise). If you have internet access, you can learn anything. A bad thing is that it distracts you from the less-noticable, yet equally-important aspects of life, like family. God. Quiet time. Solitude. Contemplation. Reflection. Exercise. Time to worship Jesus. Appreciating nature. All these things are important, yet sometimes neglected, especially with me. When was the last time I really reflected everything - my life, my moral self, my faith, my relationship with those around me, my trust, my love? A week ago? A month ago? A year ago?

There is so much more icky stuff all over the internet.

This is definitely a bad thing. Go on YouTube, Google videos, celebrity sites: anywhere, and there you can find it. The devil's havoc on this world. *shudder*

There are way less rules and regulations concerning everything (dress, courtship, dancing, dinner parties, hosting, manner, conversation, etc.).

For me, this kind of life-style, penned in by rules, would have positively driven me insane. Me, I love my freedom. I couldn't do without it. Too many rules, and I just feel this devilish instinct within me to rebel. I would have been the outcast of the society if I had lived in the Victorian times! I would have cast off my skirts and run around in trousers. ^_^

There is so much more bad stuff everywhere.

There is. Wanna go to the movie theatre? Bad movies. Wanna go on the internet? Bad stuff. Wanna go to public school? Bad people, bad language, bad relationships (I have been homeschooled my entire life. But just by being on the school soccer team, I am exposed to these girls' language, attitude, world view, relationships, gossip, everything. Last Tuesday, us girls rode on the same bus as the guys to an away-game, and there was so much flirting, INCREDIBLY bad language [not even kidding: at least one swear word per sentence. Probably more, just I don't know all of the swear words], and very bad attitudes [girls leaning over to show cleavage, guys asking for kisses, gossiping about all the newest couples, etc.], and one guy even tried to treat me like he was everybody else. Never have I been so glad I am homeschooled).

I have gotten a little off-topic, but this is my point: in my opinion, society has had many good and bad turns. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King Jr. As a Christian, I resolved today that I am going to attempt to face the evils in my society with God's grace, and to confront hate with love, to pray for those trapped in Satan's snares, to witness to those who have not heard of God's salvation, to bring His water to those thirsty.

"And you can tell me that I can't make a difference 'cause I'm just one, but one is all it takes to start it." -FM Static, Voyage of Beliefs

My bit of rambling for the day ^_^



7 replies:

Paddy Freer said...

yes, yes and again yes. Although in sore need of sleep I am continually astounded by what I read. Agree with you on the world at large, although it is certainly the most awesome place I have ever lived. I hope your stand for God's grace goes well, I know that nobody can do that on their own strength. Good luck, and good night

Hannah said...

WONDERFUL post, dearie. (I love saying that...super cute :P)

Anyways, very well said, as well as from the heart. I'm so sorry about your team...that's just...wrong. :(

Talk more about this later. Call me very soon, k?

Love you, dearie (hee hee),


Morgan said...

I absolutely, positively, wholeheartedly agree! It's really sad.

Cassie said...

Such a true post! We sometimes just say that life is better to day, but when we actually stop to think about it we have to ask, "Is it really?"

On a lighter note, I would have been a Victorian rebel too, running around in bloomers! :D

Memzie Latham said...

I am so glad to find someone that has the same opinion as me! Do you know me personally? :D
Anyway, I very much enjoyed your post. You say more than you know. As the end of times draws near, the more of the spiritual warfare will become noticeable.
I am glad you speak truth, the tool against the darkness.

Anonymous said...

yeah I realllyyy agree! I luv ya Rebekah!


jehanne1431 said...

Not to criticize, but merely to observe: you paint public school with a pretty broad brush. Believe it or not, there are many Christian students and teachers in public schools. Some of the strongest Christians I've ever known were fellow classmates of mine in public school.

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