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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


...I made a blog button for my sis! I got Photobucket, and got the html coding for the blog, but then messed it up somehow, and then had to fix the html which *sigh* was kind of tedious, but I finally figured it out and yeah! I whooped suddenly and at the top of my lungs when I figured it out, tested it, and saw that it worked and everyone in the room jumped :D

Go check it out, take it and put it on your blog!

Anyways, so I was organizing my many writing notebooks and came upon this story that I wrote like four years ago, and it was called the "Boxcar Children" (a weak imitation of the Boxcar Children) by "Rebekah Alden". I'm going to type it up on the computer soon and then I'll post it up on here, so y'all can laugh at it. :D

3 replies:

Anonymous said...

Every time I try and do that it messes up on me!
Directions, PLEASE!?

Jenna said...

Y'all! I LOVE IT!!! haha it makes me remember good times in CAnada!!!
Love ya


simplebeauty said...

Dearest Bekah,

I'm so glad that you took the time to read my story. I hope that you will always strive to remain pure in your heart and your mind. What a lovely thing for my heart to see all of you wonderful young ladies taking a vocal and written stand to follow the Lord in all things!

I am going to go skipping threw your blog now. Have a wonderful day, and may God richly bless you!!

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