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Thursday, August 13, 2009

...*dramatic drumroll* The Pathetic Story!

*laughs* I was laughing so hard while I was typing this into the computer... (Note: I did not change any spelling or grammer errors, so yeah. They're not typos.)

The Boxcar Children
By Rebekah Alden

There lived 4 children. The oldest one was Joshua, 18. The next was Kylee, 16. Next Evan, 15. Next was Rebekah, 14.
One day Rebekah looked out the window of there big house.
“I want to go outside!” She anocconed.
“No silly goose!” said Kylee “its raining!”
“Caml down!” said Joshua loudly.
“Yea!” agreed Evan.
“Okay!” said Rebekah.
They listen to the pitter patter of the rain.
“I want to go outside,” said Rebekah.
“I told you No!” said Joshua.
“Time to go to bed!" Said Joshua.
“Okay!” everyone said.

In the morning Rebekah woke first then she got dressed and went downstairs quickly and quitly for not to everyone wake up.
“Why does everyone boss me around?” she quisoined herself.
“Why am I the youngest?”
“Why do I have to be 14?”
“Why do I have to be me?”
“Why, do I?
“Rebekah?” said Kylee, coming in.
“Huh?” Rebekah turned around. “Did you hear me?”
“Yes,” said Kylee. “I know how you feel.”
“How do you?”
“Once Joshua always bossed me around once I was the youngest.”
“You, where?”
It was breakfast and Rebekah chewed thoughtfully.
“Why are you so quit?” asked Even.
Rebekah and Kylee shered a glance.
A silent gulped the room as the 4 children chewed there breakfast slowly.
After breakfast Rebekah and Evan went to do there schoolwork.
Kylee and Joshua went outside to talk.
“This is a fine day,” said Kylee.
There was a pause. Joshua broke the silence.
“You look preety.”
“Thank you,” Kyle said “you look handsome” she fluttered her eye lashes.
Down in basement Even and Rebekah where working.
“I’m Done” Evan said. He went outside with Kylee.
“Where’s Joshua?” asked Evan.
“In his room.”
Evan came and sat with kylee.
They sat there ton fifteen mintuns.
“Well, I’ll go see Joshua,” said Kylee “in his room, he must be lonesome.”
Kylee stood and went inside.
Evan lay on his back and looked up into the sky. It wasa bright blue sowling the rest of the world.
“I’ll go check the mail, see if there is any mail for me or Joshua or Kylee or Rebekah.”
He went, found some Mail for Kylee and Rebekah.
Evan went upstairs to the girls room, expecting only Rebekah, but when he opened the door Kylee was there too. Her face looked worried, so did Rebekah.
“Whuts the matter?”
“When I came in Joshua’s room, his face looked pinched, as if he hadn’t ate for days. I asked whuts the matter, he said he felt sick!”
“Why did he feel sick?” asked Evan.
“I’ll go ask him.” Said Kylee
She went and appered again. “he said he ate his lunch and saw a black thing, he thought it was a seed and he ate it.”
“Oh NO!” cried Evan “get a doctor!”
“I’ll call one,” said Rebekah hurrying on.
An hour later, the doctor looked down Joshua’s throat.
“Hm…” he said “it looks like Joshua ate not a seed…but a tick!”
“Oh No!” Kylee ran upstairs and Rebekah fainted.
Only Evan stood standing, but his face white as snow.
“My brother!” Evan gasped for air.
Kylee came downstairs, her face red from crying.
“Will he be alright? Will he be able to get out of bed?”
“he’ll be okay but it might take painchnt.”
“That’ll be okay.” Said Kylee.
The docter left.
“how should we get Rebekah up?” said Kylee.
“Let’s doump water on her”
They dumbed water on Rebekah and she woke up spporting the water out of her mouth.
Once Rebekah dressed in wrarm clothes she went down stairs.
Joshua was liying on the coch his face pinched and white
Evan and Kylee towerd over him there face looked far from relaxed.
The doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it” cried Rebekah.
It was Mrs. huckleberry.
She was holding a present for Joshua who was sick.
“I hope he will get better soon for my chrideren are longing for his Jokes he used to tell”
“us too” Reekah said “please come in Joshua would be plesed to have you here”

Rebekah was writing.
Evan was reading.
Kylee was drawing.
And Joshua was asleep.
Rebekah was writing about a girl her age who livied alone in the woods, and fed on berries and roots.
Evan was reading about Robon Hood and his crew and how he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. And now his crew grew bigger and bigger.
Kylee was drawing a pichutre of a town and all the people running around and selling, bying and playing all the towns people loved there town by the looks Kylee put on their faces.
Joshua was dreaming, dreaming a horrible dream where he was bound hand and foot and thrown into the river where monsters sowlled him up.
“I’m bored!” said Rebekah putting down her notepad. “My story’s getting boring”
“Why?” asked Kylee looking up from her pad.
“Because I don’t have any Idieas for it.” She replied
Rebekah was taking a walk, thinking of an Idia for her story.
“I can have someone feed a Lion…No that’s too boring…”
At the house Kylee fed Joshua his medicine and Evan watched. He watched the gooey pink stuff go into Joshua’s mouth.
“Ugh that must be disgusting stuff!”
“I guess it is” said Kylee.
Evan looked up at his 16teen year old sister.
“Kylee, will he get better?”
“I think so”
Kylee hoped hoped and prayed. Joshua was slowly getting better and Kylee was thankfull but she would hope and pray intill he was better.
Evan did the same but his prayers where shorten then Kylee’s because he loved Joshua too it just his days were more busy then Kylee’s.
Rebekah loved to whrite. Evan loved to read. Kylee loved to draw. Joshua loved to play.
There hobbys were different but there lives were the same.
Joshua was waking and he knew he would have to eat his madincine.
He did not want to and his dream troubled him gratly.
Kylee went outside to hope and pray.
“Oh Lord God, Please help Joshua to get better soon and not get hurt and allow the sickness may leave his body quickly and gracefully so not to leave any sickness behind it.”
In 4 weeks, Joshua was better but very weak in his legs and stomace. His arms were not so strong but he was well agen.
“He’ll feel much better in 1 more week.” Said Kylee.
“He will?” asked Rebekah.
“Yes” said Kylee “The docter said so himself too.”
“Yippee!” cried Rebekah. “Then in 1 more week me and him can play War or Make a Match or Minopoly or Uno or Risk. We can listen to his Jokes, Stories, Knock’s Knock’s Jokes. We could play horses or planes or Legos or anything! We could go outside or play with the new neighbors. I can’t wait tell one more week!”
But in one more week when Joshua awoke from his deep sleep he will dispoint Rebekah greatly.
“Joshua, want to play Make a Match or Minopoly or Risk or Uno or horses or…I know lets go outside and play with our frands.”
“Oh…No I can’t I’m to tired maybe you can do those things with evan instead.”
“What!” I…can’t believe this, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll…I’ll tell Kylee!”
Joshua was sitting in his room watching people and things pass by with his binoculars.
“Akkool!” said Joshua as he looked at the lisences plate of a car.
“Okay” said Rebekah who was writing it down.
Rebekah was playing on the computer and she went to “Acarda Games” Joshua watched to make sure she did it right. She was playing Tank Games.
“Turn right…watch out…there’s a tank!”
“hurry…shoot him…hurry…get that!”
“get that green thing?”
“yes…hurry…There’s a tank, turn left…move forward in attack!”
“There’s a helicopter shoot him shoot him again. Now get that red thing shoot him!” Joshua kept giving orders.
Kylee and her friend were playing.

*cracks up* I have come to the conclusion that I wrote lousy stories when I was seven. :D

6 replies:

Alex said...

How old were you, that wasn't that bad.


Gwyniver said...

That's hilarious! And so cute! I wish I had written more when I was little. I just drew horses every night before I went to bed, and then threw them all away a week later:( I do have one story from my childhood,though, come to think of it... I think its in my Memory Box... I'll have to dig it out!

Jake M. said...

*laughs* Well, at least I can tell you it's better then what I could write when I was seven. :D lol
It was really funny. I love looking back at old stories and just laughing at them! :D


Rachel B said...

lol! That was awesome! I don't know if I have any writing I did from when I was younger...

The spelling is Epic! ;-)

***Emily*** said...

Haha! That is funny! Maybe you should rewrite it...

Evergreena said...

That's funny! I didn't write very much at that age, but I did make a couple of semi-autobiographical books about "Super Girl," and most of it was just copied from things like Star Wars and such things.

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