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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


...I had one of my good friends Joy come over for the whole afternoon, and it was pretty awesome. We ate lunch, then went golfing, then came back and played chess (it was very violent, I'll just say that :D...well not really, but we would never say "knock off" we would always say "kill" so my mom was like "wow the chess game sounds really violent" and of course when we'd "kill" each other's pieces we'd like throw them across the room :D), then made hilarious movies (man we made this one movie and it was hilarious we were literally laughing our heads off when we watched it afterwards...Joy's hopefully going to send it to me, and she's asking her mom if I can post it up here...we were dying from laughing so hard, after the movie, duh :D). We also wore these sunglasses (mine were HUGE, Joy's not so bad) out in overcast weather and waved at golfers, and then pulled each other around in this wagon. We tipped over multiple times, but nobody got hurt. Then Peter and Abby came out and we pulled them around for a good forty-five minutes. It looked like we had run a marathon or something we were sweating so hard. Then my mom drove her home, and then I went with my dad and sibs to Nike to get soccer gear, then had an ice-cream cone at Burger King then came back home.
Pretty awesome day.
So how are you guys feeling about school starting in like two weeks? I'm pretty excited (Side Note: I'm homeschooled) summer's incredible at first, but then by the end, I'm just kind of ready for a change. Most of my excitement is coming from the fact that I'm going to do this writing class with some kids I know (including my brother) and I've heard a LOT of good things about it, so I'm really really excited...and this amazing co-op that I go too every two weeks in the school year. We're doing self defense, gym, art, and court...I think that's all, so yeah it's going to be even more awesome then the writing class :D And I'm taking a lot of online classes too, so yeah; I'm going to be busy, and this year is going to be exhausting, but awesome. :D I've got awesome friends at co-op, and there's going to be a new gal named Hayley, so I'm SO excited to meet her.


7 replies:

Hannah said...

Sounds like fun. :D

I'm actually pretty excited for school to start up again! :D


Gwyniver/ just Gwyn said...

Wow! It sounds like the stuff I do with my friends!(Crazy!) lol! XD

***Emily*** said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Your co-op sounds really fun! TTFN!

Bethany said...

sounds fun! :)
I was in a co-op like that for about 8 years actually, but the group has sort of drifted in separate directions this year...or maybe I've just drifted out...we never did such fun classes at those, hehe. Although drama was good.

Eruanna said...

I tagged you!!! Sounds like fun! I like to make movies as well! I am soo excited for school to start!

JT Norlander said...

I'm actually anxious for school to start, I enjoy the routine it brings to my days. :)
I enjoy golfing too, it's a lot of fun!


Jenna said...

Im exited for school to start for one reason only,to see my FRIENDS!!! even though you wont be there i will survive(hopefully!)
sounds like you had a fun day!

love ya


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