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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just came back from an awesome meeting at my friends' house about this service/social co-op thing called Rock. We talked about the co-op, suggested ideas, had ice-cream, and Hannah and I went outside and walked around talking about random things...we got really wet because it was raining outside. :P
Anyways, it was pretty cool.
Tomorrow I'm going to one of my friends-from-church's birthday party sleepover (should that be sleepover birthday party? :]) so yeah I'm pretty excited for that,

4 replies:

Hannah said...

It WAS so much fun. LOL we got so soaked. :P

My wrist and fingers are sore now...*laughs* I'm addicted to it! *moans*



Jenna said...

Whos b day party?



JT Norlander said...

Guys sleepovers are probably much different from girls, (me and my friends usually go crazy on some sort of soda, like Mountain Dew, and then go absolutely bonkers on some shoot 'em up video games or movies) but have fun with whatever you do!


Marissa said...

Sounds like fun! hope you had a good time!

I have done that many a time, walking in the rain with friends and getting soaked, splashing in puddles...
Dancing in the rain....
So much fun!


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