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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Anyways, I got tagged by Jake so yeah.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I would probably go to either China, Scotland, or New Zealand.

If you could go to any fictional place where would you go? Definitely Rivendell, and if I could meet some elves, especially Elrond, Legolas, and Arwen, that would be awesome :D

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? or do you write at all? Do I write? That's like asking if I breathe. :D

What do you want to be when your a grown up? My dream is to be a published fantasy novelist, but I don't know if that's God's plan. It's definitely mine, though.

Favorite animal? Horses

Favorite song? "Ocean Wide," by The Afters and "Beautiful Ending," by Barlow Girl.

Do you like school? Most of the time.

Are you a people person because I'm getting the idea that you are? If you're saying I like people, then yes. :D

Do you like to talk? Yep.

Favorite food? I like Chinese food.

Hobbies? I love to write in my diary, talk on the phone, take walks, have sleepovers, play golf, and many more :D

Favorite Author? ohhh way to many to list. I love Tolkien, Frank Peretti, Wayne Thomas Batson, Christopher Paolini, among many others.

Favorite weapon? Ah...a bow/arrows?

Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored? Slightly bored.

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High School Musical? No. Hannah Montana disgusts me, and High School Musical bugs me. :D

What are you scared of? Well, primarily: isolation, pain, and either drowning or trapped like in a confined space, or underwater, or somewhere where there is no way to escape. I'm not afraid of death itself.

Favorite flower? Roses, definitely.

Do you always use the same password or do you use different ones? Usually different.

Do you like blogs? Yeah

What is the expression on your face? *laughs* this question is strange, but right now I'm laughing.

Color of your eyes? Hazelish, but sometimes my eyes look grey, and a lot of people have thought my eyes are like a murky blue.

Okay I tag anyone who feels compelled to do it.

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