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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ocean Wide

I really love the song Ocean Wide by The Afters. My eyes start tearing up whenever I hear that song...
Other songs I really like:
Hold My Heart, Tenth Avenue North
Zero, Hawk Nelson
Beautiful Ending, BarlowGirl
Monster, Skillet
Hero, Skillet
The Last Night, Skillet
Where I Stood, Missy Higgins
Love Song, Taylor Swift
By My Side, Tenth Avenue North
The Lost Get Found, Britt Nicole

3 replies:

Gwyniver said...

In answer to your Q about the role play... A role play is where a role play host(me) writes up a back story and maybe has a character. Other role players will make their own characters and further the story on its way. Do you get me? I'm sorry if you don't! I'm horrid at explaining games! If you don't, you can just wait for someone to do it and learn from them... you'll catch on! It's not hard, really. I only make it sound difficult :s
Hope you understand my muddles!~Gwyn

Alex said...



Jake M. said...

Yeah, all those songs are awesome! But Hero? How can you like H-E-R-O-?-!!!!!!!! lol


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