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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Reading...

I'm re-reading the Emily of New Moon series this last week, and am strongly reminded of how much in love I am with those books. Emily is a character that I can totally relate to. Me and her are so alike in every way. It's such an amazing series; I love it.

What else is new...well tonight I did about a half-hour Bible study with myself and God out on the mound of our one-acre lot. The sun was setting, the breeze was just was amazing.

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Jenna said...

HEy Bekah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so exited!!!! My parents said i could get a facebook!!!! Im so happy when i heard that i stared crying and i remembered all the people and i broke down and i remembered the foot washing thing and i miss eveybody so much but im so glad that i can stay in touch with everydody! I had so much fun with you and i feel so much cloeser to you! I miss seeing you every day and cant wait to see you on monday! ummm well luv ya buzie!

With love and God bless


Bekah said...

Aw Jenna that's SO great!!! I'm so happy!!
Oh man now I'm crying too!!! I miss everybody... *cry* miss you too!!!
Love you budzie!!!!!


Hannah said...

Yeah, that's a good series. I feel that I can relate to Emily more so than Anne.

PLEASE call me today!!!


Jenna said...

:) when i read mmine again i ment to say i will see you on Sunday...and now im tearing up :()

Jenna said...

OH my goodness im so happy Wyatte E mailed( fromk kids club) me im so glad that I can talk to him!

Love you


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