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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My family just got...

...a guinea pig!!! His name is Musket and he is really old, in face he is five years old (really aged for a guinea pig); he is really tame, because he spent most of his life in a first-grade classroom getting handled by excited little kids.

My awesome neighbors (the ones who took us to the cabin) gave him to us because they already had one, and two guinea pigs, they thought, were too much. So we got him for free. Isn't that awesome??

Here are some photos...

This is Musket in his cage (which we also got for free!):

One of my sister's friends, Nadine, holding Musket...

And a close-up of Musket...

Doesn't he look like a panda? :D He's so adorable.
Nothing really new has happened besides that...
I have a golf tournament at my home course tomorrow morning, and I'm going with my church to this zoo...And I'm also going on a five-day mission trip to Canada with my church and one of my best budzies Jenna is coming too so that's going to be a BLAST!! I'm so excited.
Oh, and last Tuesday (or somewhere around there) I went to the beach with Hannah (Jake, Alex, and their family came too; my brother, Josh is friends with them, and my mom is good friends with their mom) and Chloe, her sister, who is my sister's friend. It was so much fun. Hannah and I had treading water competitions (I cheated... :D; I have to admit it, I am lousy at treading water), swimming races, and violent splashing wars. So yeah. It was really fun. :D It was hilarious, the last half-hour, we were playing catch with this one random guy we didn't even talk to. He just threw the ball, and overshot his friend, and it landed near us, and I got it and threw it back to him, and then a game of catch between him, Hannah, Chloe, Abby and I ensued. He kept throwing it way out by the bouys, and so we finally got tired of fetching it, and he threw it out almost past the swimming boundaries, and we just walked away and forced him to get it *laughs*.
Oh, and I have FIFTY followers now!!!! *applaud* :D

4 replies:

Marissa said...

Wow. Sounds like fun!
The guinea pig does like something like a little panda! haha!

That was a funny story about making that guy get his own ball. *laughs*

Congrats on the 50 followers!


Hannah said...

It was totally fun! I won the treading water contest. AND I could throw the best. ^_^

Musket is cute! AW! I can't wait to see him in person. :)

Congrats on getting 50! :D

Call me, k?


Jake M. said...

Cool about the guinea pig! And you're right, he does look like a panda. :D
Yeah, the beach was a blast! *laughs* That's funny how you made the guy get his own foot ball. :D


ChloƩ said...


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