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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I just got back from an awesome weekend spent with friends.

At the last second (I didn't know about it until Friday) we decided to accept our family-friends' invitation to hang out with them at their cabin for Saturday-Sunday, and drove up Saturday morning. It was a hour-and-a-half drive to their cabin, and it wasn't that long compared to driving to camp (six hours). The whole weekend was spent fishing, tubing, making s'mores, swimming, water skiing, playing with the dog, sleeping in a tent, and just generally having a blast.

Kelly and Roger are the Mom and Dad, and they have three kids: Ryan, who is like 12, just three or four months older than me, Katie, who is a few months younger than me, and Erin, who is like seven.

Katie and I were playing Uno and B.S. (the most addicting game in the world) the whole entire weekend. We would just sit sipping root beer while playing cards practically the whole time. We also had spitting contests where we would spit the black seeds of our watermelon and have contests to see who could spit the furthest...and Katie always won :D

Tubing was SO much fun. I LOVE tubing :D

Saturday night I was standing on the dock in my swimming suit with my towel wrapped around me, watching Roger water skii. Katie, Joshua, Peter (my two brothers), and Ryan were also watching Roger. Josh walks over to me and says, "Can I have your towel for a second?" and I was like, "uh...okay..." and he takes it and drops it on the dock. I began, "What-?" but Josh grabs me and tosses me off the dock, and...yeah. Threw me into the water. Everyone was laughing... :D

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Yeah, and of course I got sunburnt, but it was a lot of fun.

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Kendra Logan said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Too bad you got sunburned :(

Thank you *so much* for reading and following my blog! Getting new followers absolutely makes my day. You rock!

God bless!

Josh S. said...

HAHA! That was so fun! I loved dunking you. Haha! Tubing was fun, but skiing was just as fun!

Jake M. said...

Awesome!!! Sounds like your family had a blast!!!


Anonymous said...

Tagged Ya! :D


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