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Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! *applauds* :D
Camp was utterly AMAZING!

Side Note: I just want to say a HUGE thank-you to everybody who prayed for me. Your prayers helped a lot, and you guys are awesome! :D

Here is my cabin picture... (I took a picture of a picture, so its not that great)

From left to right, starting at the top: Sarah, me (I'm the tall one in the purple Aeropostale shirt), Megan, Morgan, Christie (who was the most amazing counsellor ever), then Sarah the camper (the one in the glasses and the dark navy shirt), then Luz, and then Lizzy.

This my two great friends, Lizzy and Megan. Megan, on the right, is a great friend of mine that I have been friends with ever since I was born (we grew up like next door to each other...our dads were best friends all their life), and Lizzy is my favorite out of the whole cabin, excluding Megan.

This is Sarah, an insane, crazy girl who was fun to be around...

And this is Luz (pronounced Loose) who is from Bolivia, speaks Spanish fluently (in fact it was her first language), and has an ADORABLE accent. Luz is the sweetest girl on planet Earth.

And this is Christie. Christie was like a second mom to me, no joke. She is amazing. I hated leaving her behind. We both were tearing up when we said good-bye this morning.

And this is her and Sarah, the counsellor...

And this is Morgan. Morgan wasn't my favorite girl in the world.

Camp was amazing. So, at five thirty every morning, Christie would wake Megan, Luz, Sarah, Lizzy, and I up and we would go run a mile. Christie and I would run the whole thing without stopping, and sometimes Megan would too, but the rest had to walk most of the time with the other counsellor Sarah. And after that, we would go straight to the lake and jump into the freezing cold water and swim for half a mile (or maybe it was a mile...I don't know). Then we would head back to the BIF (Bathroom In Forest) to take a shower and get dressed. After that, we would clean our cabins until 7:50 for Cabin Inspection. Then we would go to ZACHO, which is where we sung amazing songs before breakfast.

Then we would go to breakfast. The food at HoneyRock was so amazing. I loved it. After that, we would go to Cabin Impact, and then Camper Worship, and then our First Activity. The day before, we would choose the activites we wanted to do the next day. There were Crafts, Climbing, Archery, Riflery, Horsemanship, Water Skiing, Swimming, Canoing, Kayaking, and Biking. Then we would go to lunch, then have Rest Hour, which is where everyone would have to sleep for an hour. Then we went to Second Activity, and then had OPA (Optional Play Activity). We could go to the BeeHive (which was a store in which you could buy snacks and stuff like that) or just hang out. Then we had dinner, and then could do whatever we wanted.

The last few days we had a two-night, three-day camping trip, in which our cabin went out into the wilderness and camped. My cabin had to canoe for four hours (two of them were spent jerking canoes through extremely shallow water. Megan and I were in one canoe, and we kept getting left behind by the other wasnt that fun at all :D), and then set up the tents, build a fire, and eat dinner. The next morning, we woke up at six o'clock (it was light out, and the counsellors had taken away our watches for the trip, so we thought it was eight) and jumped into Christie and Sarah's tent and demanded breakfast (it was hilarious, Christie laughs and says to Sarah, "I feel like I have six little children!" :D). We had chocolate chip pancakes, and then Christie and Sarah went back to bed for four hours, while Megan, Lizzy and I explored (the rest of the girls played Truth or Dare). We explored for FOUR hours. I have so many cuts on my legs, even my thighs.

Lizzy, Megan and I decided to fabricate some fibs, so we ran back to camp screaming and yelling, claiming we saw a bear. Lizzy was like, "I'm so scared!" and Megan was like, "I peed my pants!!" and I was like "Ah! It got me on the leg!" and I showed Christie this teeny tiny little nick that I had gotten earlier that was still bleeding. Of course no one believed us. So then we went into the woods again and then ran back screaming and yelling about an hour later, saying that we saw a bear fighting a deer. We chased off the bear by yelling, and then the deer gave us his horn as a token of his utmost gratefulness. We even said he bowed. We showed them a stick that looked very slightly similar to a deer's antler as proof. They laughed at us really hard, and didn't believe us, so that didn't work, but it was fun :D

So yeah, then we took down our tents and canoed for about two hours, and then dropped off our canoes at Black Bear, which is this meeting site. I jumped into the lake in my clothes (I forgot my swimming suit) and everyone was swimming. I had to sun-bathe for three hours after that on the dock to dry off. My arms, face, and legs are pretty tan from that. Then we hiked for half-an-hour to our other camp site. We set up tents and had dinner. Then CJ (our cabin-uncle who is utterly awesome) walked four miles to get us s'mores. He's so great. Then we went to bed and the next morning, packed up and hiked for an hour and a half back to camp.

I got my HoneyRock T-shirt signed by 27 people. They were my friends, cabinmates, counsellors, and unit-leaders. Here is a picture of the back of my shirt...

Awesome, huh?

The last day was Family Day, and my family came to hang out with me, which was really awesome. And the night before, we had Banquet, which is where we all got together and celebrated the end of camp.

Well, thanks for reading; I'm SO glad I'm back, even though camp was so utterly fun (and tiring).

Tomorrow I'm camping in my backyard with two families from my small group, so that's going to be fun.

Thanks again everybody who prayed for me,

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