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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unexpected Post...and the REAL good bye! :D

Alright one last award and one last post before I leave early tomorrow morning for camp...

The Font Freak Award. This is for any Font Freak (I know there's some out there...I, for one, am DEFINITELY a Font Freak. My friends quiz me a lot, hoping to stump me, pointing to a random font and asking which one that is, and all the time I at least have a GUESS. And then when I get it right, they moan, "I NEVER want to hear about fonts again!!" :D). If you are a Font Freak, at least in your mind, you may have this award :D.

Alright. This is the REAL good bye. *waves goodbye* Goodbye, all my wonderful blog friends!! I'll be back in *count fingers* 13 days. Again, I would love prayer. :D

Blessings, and many fond farewells (do I sound like Biblo and his "Farewell Speech"? :D),

7 replies:

Hannah said...

BYE BEKAH!!!!!!!!!

LOL, I'd take it, but I'm tired of awards...^_^


J said...

"They"? Those friends sound surprisingly like me... ;) Good luck at Camp! I'll be praying for you every day!

Anonymous said...

Bekah -
thank you SO much for what you said!
You were really amazing, and you have NO idea how wonderful it made me feel when you said those kind things about me!
I am so glad I bless you like that, thank you again for making my morning!

Horsey at Heart said...

I'm going to miss you, Bekah! :( But, have a lot of fun!!!!! :)

A font freak? Hmmmmm.... I have some fonts that I love more than others...does that count?

Rachel Danielle said...

I'm dropping a really quick comment to let you know that on my blog you'll find a really great book giveaway. Thanks!

Elizabeth J. said...

That's an interesting award.

Moriah said...

Thanks! I'll be praying.

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