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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Alright, so the quiz I took that told me I was most like Durza was on this other quiz website. I took the quiz on or whatever and guess who I was most like?

Arya! *do dance of triumph* :D

"You are a swordsman or woman of great renown and are second to no one! At the same time, you are an unsurpassed wielder of magic, vastly intelligent and wise. Any queen or king would be lucky to have you as an asset but you are also independent in nature and follow no leader blindly." Yay!

Much more preferable than Durza. took it again just for fun and you won't believe who I was.


Durza. AGAIN! AH!! At least I was Arya first :D To tell the truth, I actually like Durza. He's really cool and evil. :D

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